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Antique tile turned into wallpaper

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  • Diana says

    I love your kitchen redesign!! Especially the mix of details & prints, it was that beautiful tile that drew me in!! It’s such a beauty & felt familiar, when I saw the print was from Solar I got excited you were showcasing a Portuguese company. What a genius idea of making wallpaper from a tile print!! But being portuguese I feel mixed emotions knowing you’re selling a direct copy of their print as wallpaper without mention the print is designed by Solar. I may be overstepping & there may be an understanding between all brands about giving credit where due. I love seeing my 2nd home be in the spotlight these years, but I’ve also seen our beautiful culture, art & design be overlooked or mimicked for years w.o clear credit to the Portuguese creators. Like I said I’ve followed along & have been inspired by your work for years, simply voicing a small concern.

    • Brittany says

      Totally hear you. I researched and found that Solar doesn’t own this design since it’s antique and there’s no copyright on it. Thanks for reaching out!