beck and cap table made from pine

A custom Scandinavian kitchen island table with floral flair

If you didn’t catch it, we were recently featured on the home renovation show In With The Old, on Magnolia Network. I’ve been doing a deep dive into each space we tackled and right now it’s the kitchen. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the amazing custom island table that was built for us by Tanner Roach of Beck and Cap and rightfully so–it deserves to shine! Let me tell you about it.


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A custom Scandinavian kitchen island table with floral flair

Immediately after signing the contract to work on the show, I reached out to Tanner and Jana Roach of Beck and Cap. I had met Jana years prior when she held her vintage market, The Market Beautiful, in Salt Lake City every year. They had THE BEST vintage market in all the land and she always came up with the best displays for it. One year Tanner made these handmade wooden mushrooms for their woodland theme and they were/are so amazing. He’s so talented.

The Inspiration

I’ve loved this image for years and it was a main source of inspiration for whatever we were going to do to our kitchen. EVERYTHING speaks to me–the floors, hood, even all that white and especially the table. I loved the idea of doing a similar type of work table as a kitchen island, but where do we find something like that with a patina like that?!

The search began

I did a lot of searching and found antique tables here and there but they were never quite the right size or price or what not. I did find this French beauty below and it looks like it’s still available, but it wasn’t tall enough as a kitchen island. Someone get it!

Thankfully, Tanner and Jana said yes so we got to work designing the perfect work table for our needs. My friend, Meta Coleman, came in and measured for the perfect size for the space, keeping into account distance from the cabinets, ADA, etc. Then I got to dream up exactly what I wanted. Here’s one of my first sketches that I gave to them.

Then they came back with their own sketches. I didn’t know exactly what was possible so seeing their drawings showed me what they could do. We put different elements from each to form what the final would become.

Scandinavian inspired wood carvings with floral flair

I had sent over some pictures from our trip to Denmark in December of 2021 from the National Museum including this medieval room covered in wood paneling.

The door to the room featured this floral motif. 

Process of building the work table

So I was stunned when one of the first updates I got was this:

I lost my mind! They absolutely nailed the Scandinavian inspiration.

Then this one. Then, ta dah!

Isn’t she a beauty?

As you saw in the show, Tanner and Jana drove down from Montana and delivered it themselves. It was even better in person. The finish, the color, everything. And it fit in like a glove!

Kitchen island table Storage

While I think it’s so so beautiful, I’m somehow even more enamored with the amount of storage it provides. Is that the unsexiest thing I’ve ever said? Probably not.

Jana made this beautiful video about it if you need even more inspiration.


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Ok, that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the table. I hear they are not taking commissions on the table and you can find it here. And stay tuned with an interview with them next week!

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