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Things I regret about our kitchen renovation

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  • Insta Interior says

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  • Jackie Hansen says

    Put the tile over the stove. Paint the vent black or green like the cabinet. . Paint the table black or cream. Leave the cabinet green. Be careful with the wallpaper. You have a lot of pattern in your stunning countertop. Use dime color/pattern repetition to pull it all together. Beautiful individual featured to work with. Not everything needs to be a focus. Some features need to let the eye rest.

    • Becky says

      “ You have a lot of pattern in your stunning countertop.”

      Excellent point from Jackie! Your counters are lovely. I would want them to pull the focus instead of both wall and counters.

  • Linda B says

    It’s just too busy with that tile. I agree with the comment about resting eyes ( and subsequently your brain and mood)