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The House That Lars Bought: Garden inspiration and first update!

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  • Faith says

    So fun to dream! Have you heard of Localscapes? It’s a method of designing Utah yards to optimize for our climate and water needs. We built a house and I took several of their classes and they really helped me come up with a design I like. There’s a FB group that’s pretty good.

  • Jane says

    Hi! I live in Utah and I have 3 types of hydrangea and all are thriving. I used to work in downtown Provo, so before I planted my flowers, I watched the downtown Provo temple gardens and the Nu Skin hydrangeas very carefully. I followed suite with the “bobo” on the east side of my house and they look so good in bloom and dry! I am not sure what the big white hydrangeas are at Nu Skin, but they always look amazing, and they have let me have heads to dry when they are deadheading. I have Pink and Pretty hydrangea on the north side and it is going crazy. The pink is currently very bright and intense, not really what I was going for, so I will have to see what happens there- I have one “strawberry vanilla” hydrangea- also on the east side. This one is a wow- the color is currently white, but will go blush as it did last fall. Just thought you might like to know there is more than one option in Utah 🙂