The House That Lars Bought: Interview with Paul and Brittany

A couple of weeks ago I shared the news that we are working with interior designer, Meta Coleman, to help us design our house. Meta specializes in customizing design to each client–this is no cookie cutter designer. She turns who you are into art. It’s really incredible.

To get started, she sends out a questionnaire to each of her clients to find out more about them–their style, their needs, desires, dreams, etc. It’s pretty thorough! And though we know each other really well, I still found it really helpful to think about what I want. And the surprising thing was finding out what Paul wants…turns out, we have VERY different desires in our new home. Come take a listen!

See below for the interview.

Working with Meta

Meta and I met when I first moved here almost 8 years ago. We were basically wearing the same type of dress and crown braids and it was like looking at a mirror. Over the years, we’ve bonded over our shared love of design. Somehow our styles are super similar. But whereas I focus on Lars with all the crafts and such (even though I studied and practiced interior design in the past), she is OBSESSED with interiors and spends every waking hour thinking about it. I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about it.

Here we are in the Bahamas where we were teaching some styling classes on a cruise ship. Ha! Just typing that makes me LOLZ.

Why are we working with a designer?

This is precisely why we’re working with her. She knows the current designers, processes, local artisans and contractors, trends, classics, lingo, vocabulary, history. It really is the perfect marriage.

Before we get started designing, like her other clients, she sent us her questionnaire and here’s how it went:

I can’t wait to share more with you this week. We’ve already got our eyes on the first room. Stay tuned!

You can learn more about Meta Coleman:

@MetaColeman_ on Instagram
Meta Coleman Portfolio

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  1. That was fun to watch. It had me thinking of Jeremy and my answers to these questions. The organization and systems thing is also something my family is in need of. I’m excited to see your home come together and inspire.

    • Yeah! It was super interesting to try it out. I’d recommend it even if there’s nothing “new” to do just to see how your views on your family functions!


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