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DIY paper leaf garland

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  • Jovanna says

    What exact color crepe paper did you use? I can’t tell if it is the moss green or the forest green. Thanks for your help! I’m making yards and yards of it to decorate for my daughter’s Neverland themed baby shower!

  • Mrs. J says

    Those Lars-built leaves are ingeniously gorgeous. Thank you for sharing details of this beautiful project with us.

  • Ayeza Qureshi says

    Hi !
    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    I wanted to ask what colour crepe paper did you order? They have 3 greens and I love how natural your green is looking against the light.
    Thank you !

  • Victoria Yahara says

    I love this project! So beautiful! I want to make this and use as the string for balloons. Is the garland heavy? Do you think the helium balloon would be able to still float, or is the crepe paper light enough?

  • kate says

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and linking the paper you used.. can I ask if you used the color “moss” or “green tea” from their website?

  • Bridget says

    This is gorgeous! But I worry that the crepe paper wouldn’t have the structural integrity to stay the way it is when flat – ie. that all the leaves would droop when you hang the garland. Was this a problem for you?

  • mkelley says

    I tried making this today using the pattern provided, which I appreciate. But the pattern was too big once I sewed them leaving the leaves limp. I should have observed from the photos the proportions were smaller. I am cutting the leaves about 60% of the size of the original pattern.

  • Prachi says

    Fantastic resource for anyone looking to add a touch of natural elegance to their home decor. The step-by-step instructions provided make it easy to create a stunning garland using simple materials like colored paper, scissors, and string.