Halloween costume ideas

7 Artsy and Iconic Halloween Costume Ideas

How are you planning on showing off your Halloween costume this year? A zoom costume contest perhaps? A neighborhood parade fully socially distanced? A trusty Instagram post? You can never go wrong with that!

No matter your plans, we are determined to help you win the costume contest this year. If you are the crafty type, you know our archives are filled with DIY costumes for all different skill levels and size of craft closets.

However, if you’re not up for crafting your Halloween look this year, no worries! This post is perfect for you – it’s our top 7 ideas for Halloween costumes right out of your closet, or at least only require some quick online shopping 😉 Check them out below!

Halloween costume ideas using clothes from your closet

Dress up like Iris Apfel

Halloween costume ideas

In my daydreams, “accidental” fashion icon Iris Apfel is my style inspiration for my every day outfits. However, recreating her overly accessorized looks takes a particularly bold soul. Which means Halloween is the perfect opportunity to let loose and embrace your high fashion dreams for a day. Pull the most colorful items from your closet, add some rounded glasses and bangles galore and this year’s costume will be as iconic as Iris herself! Check our more style tips inspired by Iris Apfel here.


Image sources here and here.

Dress up like a Wes Anderson Character

Halloween costume ideas

After compiling a list of our 50 favorite creative and inspiring movies, we have been on quite the Wes Anderson binge. We’ve seen Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes done before, and love it every time! In fact, Wes inspired costumes have won our costume contests multiple years in a row. But we have found just the items you need to make this year’s Halloween look feel like it came straight of the film set and right into the costume party. Check out a few of the picks below, and head to this post to see full costume picks organized by all your favorite Wes Anderson movies!


Image source

Dress up like Frida Kahlo

Halloween costume ideas

It doesn’t get much classier than dressing up as a famous artist for Halloween. And Frida Kahlo is famous enough everyone at the party *should* get your costume right away! You can grab a friend and dress up as one of her most iconic paintings – Las Dos Fridas, like we did a few years ago! Or go solo and dress up as regular Frida herself in a variety of way, check out the styles below to get started. Once you have found the perfect outfit, check out our video tutorial on how to do your face makeup just like Frida here and see how to make a floral headpiece to complete your look! And for the complete guide to all things Frida Kahlo, head here.


Image sources here and here.

Dress up like the Royal Family

(Or a guest to the Royal Wedding!)

Halloween costume ideas

You know how much I loved the Royal Weddings. If you don’t, this post will enlighten you (hint: I will jump at any opportunity to wear a fun hat.) This Halloween, take a note from the Queen’s book and think royal. Choose one of the , or make your own with paper with this tutorial! *Bonus points for dressing up as the Queen herself* Find more fashion inspired by the royal family here.


Image source

Dress up like Audrey Hepburn

Halloween costume ideas

Grab your LBD, add a few iconic accessories, and bam you have a costume you’ll never want to take off! Audrey’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look with her long black cigarette holder and black gloves definitely makes for the most iconic costume. But you can also test your friends’ classic movie knowledge with one of her other character’s outfits. Like an oversized white sleeping shirt, with slippers and this sleeping eye mask? Yes, another Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic! You could even put a twist on our sleeping mask tutorial and make your own! Or a look inspired by my person favorite of Audrey’s films – Roman Holiday. Bonus points if you can ride up to your costume contest on the back of a vespa!


Image sources here and here.

Dress up like Andy Warhol

Halloween costume ideasHalloween costume ideas

This is just one of our Halloween costume ideas straight from our Great Artists! course. Dress up as the King of Pop (art) himself – Andy Warhol! In the course you can find our tutorial on how to make your own DIY black and white striped shirt, plus a printable version of his glasses to complete your costume. Or for another idea, try dressing up like one of his paintings! I’m picturing face paint in one of the color schemes above.


Image sources here and here

Dress up like The Sound of Music

Halloween costume ideas

The hills are alive with the sound of … you being announced as the winner of this year’s costume content! Ever since my Sound of Music tour I have been wanting to make this idea happen. This Maria costume is so unique, and easy to put together with a striped apron and wide brimmed straw hat. Consider tucking up your hair under the hat for the hairstyle only Julie Andrews (and now you!) can pull off. This even makes for a great group costume idea! If you can convince your family to wear lederhosen made out of the curtains that is.


Images sources here and here.

We want to see and share your Halloween costume ideas! Share them with #larshalloween and tag us so we can see! For even more unique costume ideas click here


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