creative colorful inspiring movies
creative colorful inspiring movies

50 Creative and Inspiring Movies To Watch During Social Distancing

We know we have been giving the crafting pep talk a lot since we all started social distancing, even more than we usually do! We understand that you can’t fill every hour of the day with crafts (the way we do sometimes) and you might need a break from homeschooling! Our team has gathered a list of our favorite colorful and creative movies to help you out during quarantine. These movies are sure to leave you inspired, and even refreshed enough you will be itching to create again!

Even if you are still going strong on the #quarantinecreativity projects you have started, these movies are perfect to play while you create! Some of them may be classics you remember fondly from growing up, and it’s time to introduce your family to these films! Welcome your kids into the golden world of Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Temple, and Hayley Mills.

Make your screen time restful AND motivating!

All of these movies we love have been linked for you to rent to watch on Amazon! If you scroll down you will also find our favorite movies on Netflix right now.

Movies with amazing colors

Of course we are obsessed with any movie with an unexpected color scheme. The new rendition of Emma was released early for streaming on Amazon since movie theaters are now closed. We live the Gywneth Paltrow version, but this new movie is packed full of color and humor. The shade of yellow above is a prominent color throughout the film and matches Emma’s personality perfectly. We are talking too much, just go! Watch it!

The color in films can be an important part of the story line and experience. Teach your kids to pay attention to how colors change throughout the movie and how it affects their emotions. A great movie to watch as an example of this is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (an all time favorite for some of our team members!) It is subtle, and you may have already watched this one multiple times without noticing, but this time pay attention to how the tones in the film gradually change from blue to red as Ben Stiller’s character progresses.

Here is our full list of movies with stunning colors:

Fantastic Mr Fox
The Help
La La Land
The Farewell
Moonrise Kingdom
Alice in Wonderland
Crazy Rich Asians
Photo sources: 1 | 2

Movies around the world

Watch all of these films which take place in different countries, and consider today’s homeschool geography and cultures lesson crossed off your to-do list!

Roman Holiday
The Hundred-Foot Journey
Jojo Rabbit
Mary Poppins – the original version | the new version

Classic movies everyone should see

We recently watched the Imagineering Story on Disney+ and it was so interesting to learn more about the original animators of classic Disney movies. Mary Blair was the creator of concept art for Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and more. Her use of bold hues and surprising color combos became the basis of Disney animation style, and lead her to design one of Disney’s most iconic rides – It’s A Small World. Learning about Mary made watching classic Disney movies an entirely new experience! Learning about the artists behind movies makes the watching experience even better, plus then you can call it homeschooling! 😉

Here is some of Mary Blair’s amazing art!

Mary Blair Alice in Wonderland concept art

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Click here for an online class about Mary Blair and to paint a whimsical castle in her iconic style! And here, and here for fun kids books all about Mary!

Classic Movies

Secret Garden
The Little Princess
Little Women – The new version | the Christian Bale version
Pride & Prejudice – the newest version | The BBC version since you have time!
Ever After
The Tale of Despereaux
Beauty and the Beast
Spirited Away
The Sound of Music
Alice in Wonderland
Life of Pi
August Rush
The Original Parent Trap
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Anne of Green Gables

Movies that will inspire you to learn a new hobby

Julie and Julia
Loving Vincent
The Hundred-Foot Journey

Movies that will make you want to be a better person

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
My Fair Lady
Ruby Bridges
Secret World of Arrietty
We Bought a Zoo
Hidden Figures
It’s a Wonderful Life
Dead Poets Society

Our favorite shows on Netflix right now

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society 
Anne with an E
Julie & Julia
The Hundred-Foot Journey

Movies based off books we love

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society 
The Help
Secret Garden
The Little Princess
Little Women
Pride and Prejudice
Anne of Green Gables
The Little Prince
Finding Neverland
Sarah, Plain and Tall

We would love to hear more movies you would add to this list! Please comment below any creative movies we could watch!


  1. Under classics, Singin’ in the Rain is my all time favorite film. Though you’ve mentioned so many of my go tos. The Grand Budapest Hotel has exquisite production design (as does most of Wes Anderson’s world). Can’t wait to dive into some of your recommendations, and watch others again. xo

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  3. The original That Darn Cat! If you like the original Parent Trap you’ll love it! Also the original Swiss Family Robinson! 😂

  4. Paddington and Paddington 2 are both incredibly beautiful aesthetics-wise, but they also make you want to be a better person! They’re classics in our house (and we don’t have kids yet).

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    I love this list! Three movies I love especially for there color and imagery are Paddington, Nannie McPhee and Penelope. They are so creative, full of color, design and fun!


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