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DIY face masks

I was asked by Rescue Remedy to talk about what is stressing me out lately and I was like, “finally!!!!!!” I get to complain for a living! Ha! But seriously. If you follow me on Insta Stories on Snapchat you know I’m super comfortable talking about what gets me stressed out, and then other times I’m totally silent on social media because I’m TOO stressed out AND¬†because no one likes to hear anyone complain that much. BUT! This isn’t just a complaining session, it’s a let’s-talk-about-how-to-get-through-the-stresses session. Let me be your therapy ūüôā AND, let me tell you about these adorable DIY sleeping masks we made to go with the¬†Rescue products.¬†

SO, what’s stressing me out? Everything really. Too much work, eating so poorly because I’m working all the time, not exercising because I’m working all the time…and so on and so forth. Ok, it’s not very interesting, I know, and ¬†I don’t want to get too personal on you (but come over and chat and I’ll dish everything), but I’m guessing I’m not alone. PLUS, we’re working on a huge project behind the scenes. I don’t want to announce it just yet, until I have something substantial to share with you, but because the project is so big and we’re already so busy, I find myself slipping into that meltdown mode more than usual (just ask Paul). And those early mornings where you can’t sleep¬†because there is just too much to do. The ushe…(sp?!)

That said, I know I’m lucky to have turned my hobby into a career. To get paid to do what I love and bring others on board to create beautiful things is absolutely fulfilling. So when I complain about too much work, I know it’s not a bad thing. I’m in this growing pains period with Lars where it’s become something much larger than I anticipated so I’m learning to delegate more and more. And with that comes the need to take care of myself. I’m very aware of this need, but I find myself not prioritizing it still! I’m too old to not be aware of this! In fact, right now, as I type I’m devouring¬†a box of dark chocolate caramels with sea salt on top. Somebody stop me! Or better yet, don’t! These are delicious.

DIY face mask inspired by GucciDIY face mask inspired by Gucci

I had a little wake up call a few weeks ago. As you know, I was asked to speak at a conference in Cologne, Germany a couple of weeks ago. How could you say no to that?! The problem was that I had blocked out the last few months of this year to focus on our holiday projects and this big project that I¬†just mentioned. I thought “there is NO WAY I can take this job”. No way. Yes, it’s a trip to Europe to be with lovely people, but we are just too too busy to take a break right now. Why couldn’t it have been in June?!

BUT, I decided to take the job and go. (I know, rough, right?!). Not only that, I decided to lengthen the trip by a few days to visit friends in Paris. Again, rough I know. ¬†So, I, along with the Lars team, worked our tails off preparing for my trip abroad. We had to double speed our production to make sure we had all the content ready for while I was gone¬†and then prepare for the projects that needed to be done for when I got back. I worked even earlier mornings and later nights to get it all in. But you know what? It was the best thing I could have done for myself and for the team. Yes, it¬†was a work trip, but then I used the extra few days as an inspiration trip. And I soaked Every. Minute. In. I took the most glorious train ride from Cologne to Paris where I powered through this heavenly brainstorming session as I watched Belgium go by. And. AND! Somehow I had no jet lag AT ALL! I’m completely dumbfounded. That had never happened to me before. It allowed me to plug on through to the deadlines that awaited me.

You know what my trick was? Sleeping on the plane at the right times to adjust to my new time zones. And a sleeping mask. And a neck pillow. And I had I received it in time, I DEFINITELY would have brought along these Rescue Remedy products, which I have since tried and love, like this spray:
DIY face mask inspired by Gucci

It’s a natural stress relief that you spray into your mouth and good for a quick stress reliever. It’s made with original flower remedies like impatiens for irritability, star of bethlehem for trauma and shock, rock rose for frozen terror and panic, cherry plum for when you’re on the verge of a breakdown, clematis when you’ll feel like you’re about to pass out. It comes in a variety of products like these these Rescue Pastilles, which is the form I like best because of the candy feel (you know):¬†DIY face mask inspired by GucciDIY face mask inspired by Gucci

Right?! Plus, the Rescue Plus Sleep gummies¬†have a dose of melatonin for sound sleeping. Lack of sleep is the worst as I’m sure we all know.

To go with the Rescue Remedy products, we made¬†some sleeping masks as inspired by new Gucci and I LOVE them. I’m definitely taking one with me on my next trip. Learn how to make them on the next page!
DIY face mask inspired by Gucci



  1. Cut out the shapes for the glasses. We chose cat-eye, hearts, and round frames and you can use our templates here! Adhere to eye mask with glue gun.
  2. For each pair, glue the gold ribbon trim along the outer edge of the eye mask.

For the Round frames

  1.  Cut out a moon and star shapes (templates here) and adhere with glue gun, one on each side of the frames
  2. Cut our sun shape and glue to center of the frames
  3. Add blue and silver jewels and sequins around star and moon to frame the shape.

For the Cat-eye frames

  1. Cut out a bumble bee shape out of yellow leather using the template.
  2. With yellow and gold sequins make stripes on the body of the bee
  3. Outline the wings with yellow sequins and fill with silver
  4. Make eyes with two blue sequins
  5. Cut out a rose shape (template here) and glue to top center of glasses
  6. Adorn flower and edges of glasses with leaves and sequins

For Heart-shape frames

  1. Cut out leaves, scallops, and swirls out of pink, green, and blue leather.
  2. Glue leaves and the base of the hearts and the swirls and scallops around the edge. We like the asymmetrical look!
  3. Glue various jewels and sequins around the edges of the hearts

Now you can sleep soundly without sacrificing glamour!

You can find Bach Rescue products at the following locations.

This post is sponsored by Bach Rescue. Thank you for supporting the brands that help us create original content.

Crafting by Rebecca Young  |  Photography by Anna Killian  |  idea based from Aliza Wride


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