Make your own eye wink slipper shoes

Eye patterns have been out for a couple of years now and I’ve been so hesitant to join on the bandwagon, but I finally let go and totally hopped on and now I’m applying peepers to everything I come in contact with. I saw this slippers by Chiara Ferragni and fell in love hard, but thought I’d try and make them instead. And they cost me $15! Learn how to make them below or shop the look instead!







Photography by Laura Sumrak  |  Crafting by Brittany Jepsen

Check out the full tutorial and shop the look below.


  • slipper loafers (I got mine at H&M)
  • acrylic paint in blue, white, black
  • white felt
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • template (download here)
  • pencil
  • glue gun or fabric glue


  1. Start by printing out the template (download here) and cutting it out.
  2. Trace the eyebrows and eyelashes onto the felt and cut out.
  3. Trace the eyeball shape onto the right shoe.
  4. Paint the eyeball white.
  5. Once that’s done, paint the ball blue.
  6. Finally, paint the pupil black.
  7. Once all of that is dry, glue gun the eyelashes above the eye.
  8. Glue the eyebrow just above that.
  9. Glue the eyebrow and eyelashes to the left shoe now.