Decorating the new studio

Paper plants in faces vases

Chairs from Lulu and Georgia

As much as I’m dying to say that our studio is final, it’s not quite there. We’re now in the contract stage and hoping to have things wrapped up any day. But “any day” has been going on since September, so who knows! However, our landlord gave us a key, which means that I’ve started to slowly add my stuff into the space quietly (shhhh!). I was thrilled to team up with Lulu and Georgia on the initial furniture and decor going into the space. It’s already gotten me so excited and impatient to go to town creating an amazingly inspiring and efficient craft office. I selected a few things from their great home decor site that I’ve been wanting for ages. And guess what?! They’re giving all Lars readers 20% with the code LARS20. It expires in a week though so hop on it! Take a look below to see how I’ve started decorating the space.


When I was in grad school I interned for Jonathan Adler and always always always wished for the Utopia series. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to own a couple of pieces myself. I got the large one and the bud vase. I also got a couple sets of the white modern chairs. And here are some things I’m hoping to add to the studio soon:

1. Jonathan Adler Utopia boy/girl bud vase  |  2. Jonathan Adler Utopia man/woman vase  |  3.  Lisette Tower chair  |  4.  Kate Spade arylic tape dispenser  |  5. Kate Spade acrylic  |   6. Jonathan Adler Williamsburg vase  |  7.  Kate Spade journal  8.  Kate Spade acrylic stapler
jonathan adler vase from lulu and georgia

Isn’t he so perfect for paper plants?! chairs from Lulu and Georgia

Having a set of new modern chairs brings new life to the old factory, don’t you think? I can’t wait to get this place settled!

Photography by Lindsey Orton and Brittany Jepsen

This post is sponsored by Lulu and Georgia. Don’t forget! Take 20% off your order with LARS20. Go forth and shop! 



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