DIY fabric flower

Fabric flower DIY

For last month’s post for Laura Ashley, Ashley came up with this pretty fabric flower. I’m thinking it would be a wonderful way to use left over scraps of fabric for some coordinating home decor. It would be perfect for a kid’s room or as a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving spread. And the best part about it? You don’t have to worry about wilting! It’s fresh forever! fabric-flowerIMG_0916

Photography and crafting by Ashley Isenhour

Materials: Laura Ashley Emma Straw fabric, scissors, floral wire (we chose white), grey chambray fabric, green stick (we used a potpourri stick from Ikea), petal and leaf templates (download here), glue gun, wire cutters, Mod Podge, disposable paint brush, wax paper.

  1. Cut out 7 of the small petals, 14 of the medium petals, 10 of the larger petals and 2 leaves out of the chambray.
  2. Place all fabric petal and leaf pieces on a sheet of wax paper, coating each piece with Mod Podge. Allow them to dry. Once dry, turn the pieces over and coat the opposite sides with Mod Podge.
  3. Glue a piece of wire to the back of each petal and leaves.
  4. Start by gluing the large petals evenly around the top of the stick and work your way down with the remaining medium petals. Use the smallest petals last, gluing them around the base of the bloom. Don’t worry about shaping them as you glue.
  5. Once you’ve affixed the last petals, peel each petal back slightly to give it more form.
  6. Glue the leaves to the middle of the stick and bend them out.


fabric-flowers-with-leavesUnique and easily crafted, these fabric flowers would stand beautiful in a vase as a centerpiece or in a bedroom. Tell us how you would incorporate fabric flowers into your home!

See more photos on the Laura Ashley blog! 



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