DIY Bead Chandelier

DIY Bead Chandelier

We’ve got a Pottery Barn hack for you guys to try! You’ve probably seen this amazing bead chandelier making its way around the social media network (others found here and here). The layers of cascading beads have such a graceful look, but the natural wood keeps it fresh and easy to incorporate into any setting. We love it but with the $800 price tag, it’s a big dent in the monthly budget! Save where you can so you can splurge where you can, right? Of course, we automatically started to think of how we could replicate this beauty. A box of wooden beads, a handful of embroidery hoops, and a season of Friends later (yes, this one’s a bit time-consuming folks), we got just what we wanted! This chandelier could easily pass for an original. If you’ve got pennies to pinch and time to spare, this is the project for you! Total cost of supplies, $170! Score! See here how to make it!

Learn how to get the DIY below!

DIY Bead Chandelier

DIY Bead Chandelier

DIY Bead Chandelier

You can find the DIY Bead Chandelier tutorial in our shop!

DIY Bead Chandelier


DIY Bead Chandelier

DIY Bead Chandelier

The DIY Bead Chandelier tutorial is available for purchase here.

Photography by Clara Sumsion | Crafting by Betsy Croft


  1. I soooo love your blog! This is literally “THE BEST AND MOST DETAILED TUTORIAL” I have ever seen! Gorgeous photos, detailed instructions, and good links! I’ll be following you for sure! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hello! GREAT instructional – thank you for putting it together. I am going to go for it and tackle this but I am struggling to find this quantity of beads under $500.00. Any suggestions?

  3. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge in such great detail. This is by far the most gratifying project I have ever done! (You made it so easy!!)
    The chandelier looks absolutely perfect above the stairs (which can also be seen from the window outside) of my new beach house.
    I used brass rods and brass chain. 😉

  4. We linked to where we bough our beads in the materials list. Total it was less than $200. The chandelier we were inspired by is over $800.

  5. I’m in love with this project — can’t wait to get started on it. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing, detailed instructions!!

  6. Vi seu trabalho e fiquei encantada, moro em Itu, SP. Brasil e gostaria de saber se você tem o endereço onde comprar esse material, ai no seu país, para eu pedir pela internet.


  7. This absolutely stunning. I pinned this a little while back, I ordered materials and now the tutorial is gone 🙁

  8. Just a heads-up, the tutorial is pretty good (I bought it), but it does not include instructions on how to make this with lights in it. We wanted a light up chandelier and I didn’t realize that wasn’t included in the tutorial.

  9. Perhaps this is listed somewhere but I didn’t see — what are the dimensions of the completed chandelier?


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DIY Bead Chandelier

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