21st day of Christmas crafts: santa party hat

Four days until Christmas! Can you believe it? This Christmas crafts challenge seemed to fly by, but we’re not done yet! I was feeling like I needed to create something festive to wear, and this Santa party hat was the perfect option!

It’s adorable and subtle enough to wear to work or other holiday gatherings, yet you won’t feel like you’ve left out the Christmas spirit!

Read below for the party hat template and more holiday inspiration!

Like some of the other Christmas crafts, this idea came to me from a place unrelated to our Christmas crafts challenge! At the bank the other day, the teller was wearing a cute tiny Santa hat. It was so presh I’ve been thinking about it ever since and wanting to recreate it. The one I did today is still a tad too big, but I still like it. These days there’s only a small window to take pictures in natural “daylight” (grey skies) from 10 am-2 pm, and since I was out selling my Language of Flower items at a market, I had to race home to an already set sun. This is me getting desperate in our hallway mirror. How do you take pictures of yourself?!?! On the bright side, today is the shortest day of the year, which means it can only get better. Hallelujah!
how to photograph yourself in the mirror? not in focus!
Really great view of the painted-over 3 layers of wallpaper.
Still not centered but at least remembered to smile…

DIY Santa party hat

I used Jordan’s party hat template and instructions to make this Santa hat and then stuck in a bobby pin. I thought they’d be great for a Christmas party or like the bank teller, at work. Maybe combine these Santa hats with a crafty office party like this Christmas paper office party (and you only need one ream of office paper)!

Seriously, look at how adorable the Santa party hat is. Plus, these are super easy to make, so you can make them for all of your holiday guests!

Holiday party ideas

Don’t have an occasion to wear your Santa party hat? Why not create your own party! For decorations, take a look at this holly and ivy garland tutorial and these paper Christmas cactuses. For activities, try a game of secret Santa and use these spinners (one of our Christmas crafts!) to decide who gets which gift. Another fun party game is bingo! Download the printable Christmas song bingo and read more about our wrapping party! The party food can be as simple as a cake! Take a look at the crepe paper Christmas tree toppers to make it festive for the holiday.

Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for all of your party planning needs!



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