15th day of Christmas crafts: Spinners

Next up in our Christmas crafts challenge are these Christmas spinners!

Use them for opening gifts, Secret Santa’s, or any other Christmas game you can imagine!

Read below for the inspiration behind these spinners and the tutorial!

I found this little vintage party supply shop in Copenhagen a few months ago selling these little spinners (above left). The owner explained that they used to use these for 2 purposes: 1) for Christmas games and 2) for construction workers working on top of a roof who would use it to decide who was going to go down and get the beer. I thought they were pretty darling myself, so I painted my own version (on the right). I thought they’d be perfect for a game of deciding who gets to open the gifts first, Secret Santa, or any other holiday activity you can think of!

DIY Spinners


  • top spinner with numbers
  • brad
  • bottom
  • Cardstock (for creating top spinner and bottom plate)
  • Paint or marker for decorating your spinners


  1. Cut out shapes for top and bottom of the spinner
  2. Decorate your top spinner with numbers and bottom spinner with a design (make sure your bottom spinner has a point to indicate which number is chosen)
  3. Pin the brad through the top and bottom of the spinner

Done! Super easy, right? Let me know what fun activities you’re using your spinners for!

More Christmas crafts

Previous crafts in the Christmas crafts challenge include these Swedish oranges, a berry wreath, and this Bah! Humbug hanging wall banner. We’re only on the 15th day of the challenge and my home has become a complete Christmas craft zone. Not a bad way to get in the holiday spirit, though!
Need some gift wrap ideas to go with your new Christmas spinner? Check out our very own line of Lars wrapping paper! You can embellish your gifts even more by creating these paper gift toppers. And if you need some Christmas gift ideas, we have over 15 different gift guides in the Lars archives! You can take a look at the guides from $100 and under, $50 and under, $25 and under, and a kids’ gift guide! You can view the whole list of gift guides here.
Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for more holiday craft ideas!



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