Christmas Village Present Scene with Pottery Barn Kids

Living in small quarters, I don’t allow just any toy in the house As a mother I feel a certain level of obligation to provide Jasper with toys and games that promote healthy learning and play, which is why I went gaga over Pottery Barns kitchen toy items. For long time readers, you might be thinking “Brittany, you don’t even like to cook,” and you would be correct. However, I’m looking to instill a love of cooking in Jasper from a young age, just like his daddy, so he can take care of me as we gracefully age. This is a dream to expound on another day, but now, back to all of the goods I found at Pottery Barn Kids. 

Christmas Village Present Scene with Pottery Barn Kids

Cutest Toy Kitchen

I was initially drawn in by the beautiful kitchen set, but was then sold when I found all of the accessories to accompany the kitchen set — from the wooden kitchen tools set to the wooden food, I needed it. I mean, Jasper needed it. Once I had all of Jasper’s goods in my basket I decided I would take another peak around the online store. And good thing I did!

I found the most lovely and good quality ornaments, pajamas, stockings, stocking stuffers, felted trees, tree skirts, okay you get it. I found it all. And my quick online shopping trip for a few gifts for Jasper turned into my one stop shop for everything. Once all of the goods were in my basket, I placed my order and the waiting game began.

Then, a few short days after the order was placed, Jasper’s presents arrived… and the real challenge began…figuring out how to wrap the wonderful, but oddly shaped presents for Jasper. I realize it’s not quite Christmas, but for blog purposes it’s been Christmas for a couple of months. Ha! I decided I should turn this challenge into part of our wrapping series so all of you can skip the hard part figuring it out and jump straight to the fun part the wrapping/ decorating. So here it goes–wrapping odd shaped gifts and using that shape to your advantage to turn the present into even more of a mystery! 

How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Items

I started out by looking at each of my presents and trying to decide what shape it could become. For example Jasper’s kitchen. You could say this one was giving me a little anxiety so I just tried to see it for what it could be… and voila! there it was, houses on a street. I couldn’t help but run with my idea once I found it: I had to create a small village scene, and so it began. I wrapped and drew and wrapped and drew until I arrived at a village that felt sufficiently full.

How to Wrap a Toy Car

Then I took a look at the other gifts I needed to wrap up. His firetruck…yikes! So I took a creative approach to it. Instead of hiding it away I decided I could use it to enhance the scene, every village has a need for a fire truck and this is when the Christmas installation reeeeally got started. Firetrucks need roads and so naturally I would have to create one from Jasper’s room to the Christmas tree so he can find his way to all of his presents. I created a winding road of butcher paper and placed the truck on the road. 


Creating a Christmas Village Wrapping Gifts

Sure, the truck was exposed, but the illusion of the road and scene overjoyed Jasper beyond what I can even describe. Seriously talk about a happy boy! With the wrapped present houses and road in place I was just missing some finishing touches.  So, I found some little paper trees (remember this tutorial?!) and stuck them in rug and that was it! The scene was set and the initially odd-shaped presents were now created a magical Christmas village.

Cheap Wrapping Paper Tip

Because of the amount and type of gifts we needed to wrap, I knew I wanted paper that was 1) cheap 2) sturdy and 3) solid so we could draw the buildings onto the paper. We got some painter’s paper from the hardware store (in the paint section) that comes in a roll for $13 and there are dozens and dozens of feet! Plus, it came in a lovely pink color, which was perfect for the look we were going for. It also comes in a sage green and a brown.

To say Jasper loved his early Christmas is an understatement (are you looking at his face?!). I am well on my way toward my dream of little boo cooking for me for the rest of my life thanks to this one stop shopping trip for all my good at Pottery Barn! 

How to get the look: 

The look we went for was a red-themed traditional vibe. To get the look, here’s what to do! 


  • Glitter Tree Topper adds the perfect amount of whimsy!
  • Gold-Leaf Frame Ornaments in Circles and Squares. Of course, we put pictures of Jasper in every single one because it’s just way cuter. 
  • Silver Glitter and Berry Sticks make the narrow tree that we got this year to save space a bit fuller and more whimsical
  • Oversized Felt Ball Ornaments. We went with a felt theme from Pottery Barn Kids this year because I was digging the handmade vibe. I put them all over the tree and along the mantle to keep it cohesive.
  • Custom Wood Ornaments. They have a beautiful wood “choo-choo” (as Jasper calls it) and an airplane that notes the year of the Christmas. I love the idea of adding one year after year! I love me a monogram and PBK is the ultimate destination for monograms. This meant I put Jasper’s name on everything! 
  • Santa Bag: One thing I hadn’t thought to do, but I quite love, is the Santa bag, which is an oversized drawstring bag that you can put a number of presents in at the fireplace as if Santa left his bag. We had it monogrammed, of course, with our last name.


  • Felt tree decor in two sizes on the mantle. I ended up also placing them through out my living room. They add dimension with their height.
  • I LOVE the felt berry garlands. I also have them in my bedroom (you can see them here!) 
  • Gold foil ornament frames. I had enough frames to sneak them into the mantle so we can have Jasper photos in surround sound.
  • Hook needle stockings with monograms. A Frosty the Snowman for Jasper, a penguin for me, and a Santa for Paul. Love how these tie in with the felt decor elements.

Other decor

  • Santa Claus advent calendar. I LOVE this advent calendar featuring Kris Kringle. I don’t think Jasper gets it quite yet, but believe you me, we will be moving that candy cane from one day to the next.


  • Kitchen play set
  • Play food here, here, here, and here
  • Fire truck
  • Dinosaur sensory puzzle
  • Alphabet puzzle

What are some of the ways that you decorate for the holidays? Have you ever tied the wrapped gifts into a theme like our Christmas village? Would love to hear about it! 

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids. We love the brands who allow us to make beautiful, original content for you! 


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