Our new holiday collaboration!

Reveal day! We’ve been keeping an awesome collaboration under wraps for months and we are so excited to share the news with you TODAY! Teaming up with our favorite new beauty brand, Eighteen B, we’ve developed the branding and packaging for their holiday campaign with the theme of gratitude. Because what better way to celebrate this time of the year than with a grateful heart.

Eighteen B

Have you heard of Eighteen B? It’s a new beauty biotech (came out earlier this year) that merges beauty and science. They’re changing the narrative on skin health by focusing on skin barrier protection, which you may or may not know (it was new to me!), is very cutting edge in the beauty world.

Why Eighteen B?

You might think that working with a beauty company might seem out in left field for us, but if you follow along on Instastories, I’ve spent some time talking about my postpartum experience. I’m not talking depression but, shall we say, a deadness of skin. Is that thing? That, combined with exhaustion, has left me feeling like I’m 92 living out in the desert. While one of those things is actually true, as soon as I started using Eighteen B’s Hydrate and Restore Rich Cream, I kid you not, people started commenting on my glowing skin, which hasn’t happened since…ever??? Consider me their latest moisturizer convert. And the whole team for that matter! Compliments like you wouldn’t believe! 

Look at how wild and free it makes you feel!  

But, it took more than perfectly glowing skin to make this dream collab take off. We needed something more. Here’s what it was–I was impressed with the premise of company, which was founded by women for women. And they’re doing something that hasn’t been done before. With their revolutionary and patented ingredient B-silk (™) Protein, which acts as both a barrier to external agressors and a carrier to hold good stuff like hydration, ceramides, hyaluronic acid close to the skin. They know they’re stuff and they’re producing wonderful products because of it.


I was also drawn to their theme, gratitude. And not in a patronizing, let’s-create-some-engagement-on-our-social-platforms way but in true sense of the word where we are indeed grateful for our health, our skin, our friends, our family, our readers, all the things. It’s been a big year for us here at The House That Lars Built as we’ve been adding to our team and figuring out how to make things run smoothly, efficiently, upward and onward.

The Inspiration

Our first item of business with Eighteen B was to create a holiday gift that would spark immediate JOY. We looked at a lot of inspiration before realizing that our DIY wood nativity set was one of the happiest things we’ve created. The project was first inspired by a set my mom had created in the 60s and then influenced further by one of our favorites, Alexander Girard. The cozy quality definitely had to become a part of the package.Heirloom Nativity

What’s inside?

We wanted to create a package that people would love to gift to someone who they were grateful for and also allow them to express that gratitude verbally. So, with every Eighteen B product combination you buy you will also get a lovely gift box that slides out, designed by us, with a to-do list notepad, and a mad-lib thankful card.

Even Jasper wanted to get on the action. I’m afraid that I didn’t quite understand where he was going with his gratitude though…

To-do List Gratitude notepad

The idea with the to-do list notepad is that while you’re creating your list of all the crazy things you have to do during this busy season, you can take a small moment to breathe and note one thing you’re grateful for. It’s those small moments that make life more breathable, right?!

We are thrilled to share this with you. Hope you like it!

Supplies are limited so snag a Lars x Eighteen B package today! Shop here



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