Gifts for All the People in Your Life and How to Wrap Them

Can anyone tell that we are really in the Christmas spirit already? CAN IT JUST BE CHRISTMAS YET?! Okay, actually, no not really because that would mean I would need to be done with the one thousand things on my very long very extensive checklist, however, thanks to Tuesday Morning that checklist has become noticeably shorter. A few weeks back I found myself feeling that holiday rush, yes, I know a bit premature but this is what happens when you work in a field where you start every season 6-8 weeks early! Feeling the pressure I found myself wandering into Tuesday Morning for what I can only describe as the happiest shopping experiences.  (Click HERE to find the closes Tuesday Morning store to you!)

Gifts for all!

I perused around, with three specific names in mind: Jasper, my mom, and Caitlin (my sister). I can very happily report that Tuesday Morning did nothing short of make my dreams come true. If you know my family you know they each have their own very specific style. Jasper: toys, specifically motorcycles, trucks, tractors. Some might say easy, but I don’t let any toy just wander through the door–it’s got to be pleasing to the parents too, you know?! . My mom: She is all things lovely, she tends to gravitate toward french and Scandanavian inspired heirloom. So yeah, you could say tough. Caitlin is having twins in January (heaven help her!) so I need some items to help with the experience and also add to her craft closet since she moved here recently without too much.

Here is the most amazing part of all of this. Despite looking for three separate people with three distinct styles Tuesday Morning had it all. The wide variety of items and various categories that they carry made it a one stop shop for easy gift buying, with unique items at amazing and affordable costs I was able to do some checking off on my list of things to do. Oh, and did I mention the fact that I was able to get wrapping supplies there to need I say one more time? One stop shop. And guess what? I did it in twenty minutes.

So thanks to Tuesday Morning making my life a little easier I would like to go ahead and make all of your lives a little easier this holiday season by showing you a few of my favorite Christmas wrapping hacks.

Here’s what I came up with:

My Tuesday Morning Christmas Gift Guide


Mom: I was floored to find these beautiful German Christmas candle pyramid nativity scene. Have you seen them before? I’ve been wanting one for ages myself, but it screamed my mom. It’s an authentic version at a fraction of the cost. Isn’t it beautiful?! I’m running back to get one for our family too! They had other beautiful handmade ornaments and decor too like these beauties:

Caitlin: My sister needs a few more items than the rest because…twins! I found her a pretty suitcase that she can take to the hospital. I also found a bevy of awesome craft supplies that she can add to her craft closet, which she lost when she moved here from California last year. As a sister to a crafter, a bounteous craft closet is required! I found some Cricut accessories and Fiskars scissors, which are our staples her at the studio. I found a pretty basket to put them all in with a pink pom and an adorable pillow just because I liked it so much. I was also eyeing these gems: 

Jasper. Nobody told me how often you have to buy toys for your child! I mean, it’s pretty constant, huh? Especially if you’re trying to challenge their brain and physical capabilities and what not. I was thrilled to find such a great selection of good quality ones from Tuesday Morning. I found brand names like FAO Schwartz and Melissa and Doug. Jasper is IN LOVE with the construction puzzle. And, we were already planning on looking for a wheelbarrow and lo and behold, it was at Tuesday Morning. I also found a cute FAO Schwartz toolbox, which Jasper will be stoked about! I was definitely also eyeing this huge dog because…I need a giant stuffed canine in my little house???

Wrapping Paper 101

Wrapping can be just as fun as the present itself but sometimes you’re in a rush and other times you just forgot how to wrap a present. In honor of the holiday season we are officially kicking off our Wrapping Series where we will include basic how to’s and more! Today I am going to teach you the technique behind wrapping fast and efficiently! Have you ever ruined your wrapping paper because you cut too much of it? Or not enough? Same. It really comes down to one thing. Having your wrapping paper cut to the right size for each present you are wrapping. Which is exactly where we are starting, how to cut the exact size sheet of wrapping paper for each one of your presents! Let’s go!


  • Roll of Wrapping paper 
  • Gift for wrapping
  • Tape 
  • Scissors 


  1. Take your present and place the longest edge of the present along the length of the wrapping paper. 
  2. Wrap the paper all the way around the present so all 4 surfaces are covered, the paper should be a bit snug around it. If you would like you can make a mark at this spot but it’s not crucial. 
  3. Roughly measure out about 2” from the marked point and cut the paper.  You can eyeball it if you haven’t made a mark, it doesn’t need to be exact! 
  4. Now that your paper wraps all the way around you need to trip the edges. 
  5. Keeping your present oriented the same direction, move your present to the edge of your paper that you haven’t trimmed yet. 
  6. Take that edge of paper and fold it up ¾ the length of that edge. 
  7. Let your present stay where it has moved to while measuring. 
  8. Look at the measurement you have just taken and make the same measurement (it can be an estimate, it does not need to be exact) on the other side using scissors.
  9. Voila! You have the perfect size sheet of wrapping! 

You may be saying to yourself this seems like a lot of steps but once you get it down you are going to be the speediest wrapper around and best of all you will be using your wrapping paper accordingly meaning the most bang for your buck out of one roll!

Be sure to tag us with #LarsCelebrates or #HolidaysWithLars so we can see you wrap like a champ and stay tuned for more wrapping tips, coming your way very soon!!! 


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