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Baby Boy’s birth story

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  • Marge says

    I, too, had eclampsia. My doctor put me on bedrest, NO SALTS and GALLONS of water. I was on bed rest for six months. Then was overdue by two weeks. My baby girl was born healthy but after forty hours of labor (33 hrs hard labor) I ended up with a C-section. This was in 1981 and never would’ve happened in this day and age. Actually, I BROKE THE STRAPS they cinch you down with in surgery. They could not medicate me because the baby was in distress. They cut me up and down, took the baby out and then medicated me. The nurse who refused to call the Dr because “he needed a break” got fired and my memory of that horror has somewhat dimmed. They gave me a little so I wouldn’t break the belts again but I FELT THE ENTIRE INCISION!! Every one has a story. Some are that they gave birth after two hrs of labor! It sounds like such a blessing that your Dr agreed to try to NOT give you a C-section and eventually you were able to deliver your healthy baby. Congratulations!!!
    *that tongue though!!!

  • Melissa says

    Dayum gurlllll! I’m a labor and delivery nurse and I am truly moved by your story. I’m so happy you are all healthy and doing well. Your poor husband must be a bit traumatized (and midwives too!) from that. The few times I’ve had a patient seize in my presence has definitely left an impression. That tongue bruise though! Giiiirlllll, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing and keep loving up on that sweet boy! Xo

  • Sarah says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have two young boys, and had two miscarriages between them. My boys and their births were my own miracles, and you articulated so many of the thoughts and feelings I have had around them. I too felt like I must have been the first to experience it all, and at the same time marveled at all the mothers over the millennia doing exactly as I did. I’m so glad your experience had the best possible outcome

  • Meridith Smith says

    Thank you for sharing! I had preeclampsia with my first little guy and I didn’t really understand the severity of it. I had to have a c-section, and oddly enough my baby, Wylder, was he the one having seizures! (Completely unrelated to the preeclampsia). He is almost 10 years old and finer than a frog’s hair now. And since then, I have had two completely wonderful pregnancies with no swelling or signs of preeclampsia. I’m pretty sure it’s more common for your first pregnancy. Anyway, I hope that encourages you in thinking about having any other babies in the future.

  • Cat says

    Amazing birth story…… it IS a miracle every time!!!! I feel the same exact way! Each story is unique! But every single one a miracle. So happy that the three of you are okay! Such a blessing!!!!

  • Jo says

    Congratulations and well wishes to you. I had my third child around the same time and am still astounded that birth is a common thing as it is truly the wildest, life altering event I have experienced. Common but no less miraculous. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to add in that I do wish the veil on women’s bodies postpartum and women’s health was lifted. Slowly we are taking but we need more research and we need to bring light to the darkness of shame of saying the ways are lives and bodies are altered post birth. I’m a different person now. I’m scared. I’m hopeful I will return to myself eventually. Sometimes I’m hopeless. Will I be able to do the things I once was? Again, birth is common so how is it that most women feel blindsided by the trauma of it? Even an “uneventful” births as all mine have been. I don’t know but I just want to send light and love to all the mothers out there. Congratulations again. You are strong and you are part of a miracle. ?

  • Kaho says

    Thank you for sharing your story! What an experience for you and your husband! I’m so happy to learn that you and your baby are okay. I totally agree with you that every childbirth is a miracle. I suffered from preeclampsia during my first pregnancy. I suspect that my case was triggered by the sudden weight gain (I gained a ton of weight around 7 months). I was living in Africa at the time, so around 32 weeks I flew home, which is Tokyo, Japan, for child birth. There my doctor asked me to be on low calorie, low sodium diet to treat preeclampsia. A week before the due date I was admitted to the hospital for a treatment with a special meal of 1200 calories per day. After a day of that diet I think my child felt that I wouldn’t survive for a week with that, so I think she decided to come out. I gave birth and preelampsia was over, too. With my second and third pregnancy, I was super careful with the diet (I tried to eat very healthy with low sodium) and the way I gained weight. I was fine. I hope you are recovering well and enjoying your bundle of joy.

  • Jan says

    Wow, that’s an amazing story Brittany and so happy to hear everything worked out. Having experienced a not-so-fairy-tale birth story of my child also, I am too, very thankful for the medical system.

  • Kristin Hanson says

    I had preeclampsia with my second baby and was bound n determined not to go through that with my third. My doctor perscribed daily low dose aspirin and I walked every day for a 1/2 hour. preeclampsia! Hallelujah! So there is hope that you won’t have to go through it again. ? Congrats on your lovely baby boy. How ever they get here, no matter how crabby they are – they’re the best things ever.

  • Leslie Chalfont says

    Oh my and God’s speed to you. I love how you shared your story and you will be a light to others in difficult pregnancies. Your story will continue to help others. Love, care and sleep to you and your family. Xo Leslie

  • Lisa says

    So glad you and that precious baby are doing so well now! He’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Anneliese says

    Thank you for sharing your story. Hat baby was hard won in every sense! What a gift! What a miracle. So happy you are well and enjoying this next amazing phase.

    I too had multiple miscarriages and infertility before finally having mine. Birth plan out the window too. Makes me appreciate them even more and that too is a blessing.

  • Cynthia says

    The fact of giving birth is still nowadays, with all our knowledge and technologies, a miracle. Enjoy your little one and spend as much time with him as you can. Time flies and this is really the one thing all mothers in the world agree.

  • Tess says

    Oh my goodness! Wow- you made it through! Thanks for writing it up, I love to read birth stories. I’m so happy for you and Paul- enjoy the ride!

  • Holly says

    I loved reading your story. Been trying to get pregnant for a couple years now (my son is 4 now) and for some reason, the way you described EVERYTHING really resonated with me. My first experience was everything I didn’t want to happen and I think I’ve been holding fear for next time. Your words inspire me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bonnie Wiscombe says

    I LOVE that you shared your story!! I’ve had 8 kids and never, ever, ever get tired of hearing birth stories. My first was also a traumatic, unsuspected train wreck (natural labor that ended in an emergency c-section with general anesthesia- yuck) but those first babies tend to be a bit dramatic in opening the womb 😉 I also used hypno birthing and think that the preparation most definitely makes ALL the difference, no matter the birth outcome. Congrats on your perfect little guy!! You deserve all the happiness.

  • Pat Schwab says

    Brittany, I am just glad you and the baby are doing well now! Congrats to you and Paul on your precious miracle of life. Enjoy all the moments even if you are exhausted, lol. Much love and happiness to your family.