Wrapping paper in Lars’ House!

New Christmas wrapping paper from The House That Lars BuiltAnyone remember a few months ago when I talked to you on Instagram stories about the idea of wrapping paper in our shop? Well, you were all so encouraging and enthusiastic about the prospect of Lars Wrapping paper in your home this holiday season that we went ahead and created the line!

The line was design by the lovely Monica Dorezwinski (check out her prints in our shop!), but final decisions were made by the members of our Lars family (i.e.: you guys!) via Instagram stories. We were neck and neck on a few designs but these guys proved victorious and each ended up winning by the landslide!

Meet the lineup:

Let’s Party Paper

Featuring a lovely smattering of sequins, this print came from Monica’s desktop calendar and wallpaper from January of 2016. It was my FAVORITE one she had done and it still is to this day! It’s the perfect expression of celebration, no matter the holiday or occasion.

You can find the wrapping paper in our shop here.

Not a Creature was Stirring 

Not a Creature Was Stirring is a recent favorite from Monica. Isn’t it an adorable way to celebrate the holidays?!

You can find Not a Create Was Stirring here in the shop

Truffle Treats 

Truffles and treats is a celebration of colors and sweets. Instead of gifting chocolates, wrap it in them. Or do both!

You can find Chocolate Truffles here in our shop


Seven swans-a-swimming….Yup! Sweet swans for a classic swan and a red ribbon to tie them all together. This one was inspired by Monica’s desktop calendar from December of 2016.

You can find Seven Swans-a-swimming in our shop here. 

We can’t wait to see them under your tree’s on your gift tables, and at the gift exchanges!

Thats a wrap! Stay tuned for more holiday cheer!


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