Small Business Saturday

In all the shopping frenzy, I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite small businesses. As a women-owned, women-led small business, we know it’s important to share the love! I love identifying other small companies that do a great job so this list has been prepared for awhile! Here are some of our favorite small businesses to support this Small Business Saturday. A lot of them have great deals going on (including us! You can shop our small shop over here.)

1. March wrapping paper
2. and March ribbon (this is what I’m using this year, in addition to my own wrapping paper here)
3. Chatbooks is a locally owned company that does subscription photo albums. I love mine!
4. Elizabeth Graeber is one of our Print Shop artists who has lots of products in her own shop. I love this floral print tote!
5. Suzy Ultman is an artist featured in the Picture Hope Coloring Book. She has the most whimsical shop like these nesting dolls.
6. Marie Clare is a new recent love of mine (remember her interview here?!). She has lovely designs over here.
7. Justina Blakeney of Jungalow is a FORCE! Love her holiday collection this year. You can also read an interview about her here.
8. Cat Seto is the artist behind our Michelle print. She has a company called Ferme a Papier and I love this planner! You can read more about her here.
9. Lisa Congdon is everyone’s favorite artist. She’s so prolific and authentic. She has an awesome range of her own products like this puzzle. We are also lucky to have two exclusive prints in our shop! Read more about her here. Watch our Craft and Chat here.
10. I’m a huge My Little Belleville fan. I have been since the beginning! Michelle has been making these awesome jumpsuits and more! We’ve been collaborating for years!
11. Alejandra García y Gutiérrez is a Mexican artist whose work I adore. Her colorful work is in our shop and she also sells her own preserves here.
12. Jen Hewett is a master printmaker who has a range of products AND classes. I think it would be fun to gift a printmaking class! She’s also an artist in our Picture Hope coloring book.
13. Gathre is a Utah owned company that sells mats. I have a few of them and love them! This USA map is illustrated by my good friend Merrilee Liddiard and acts as artwork too!
14. Tubby Todd is a children’s soap company that I swear by. I love this new travel set. I’ll be using it for my babes when we go to Denmark soon!

Small Business Saturday

Here are some more small businesses to support this Small Business Saturday! I’ve grouped them into categories, but most of them are women owned and led! Enjoy! Anymore I should know about? I love learning more!

I also had to throw in a lot of our own stuff because what type of business owner would I be if I didn’t! We appreciate your support!

Crafts/Creative/Kits to support on Small Business Saturday

  • Fabled Thread. Upscaled embroidery kits. They’re so beautiful!
  • Neon Tea Party. Marissa makes crafting fun with these great kits!
  • Creators Club. Sara has created this awesome monthly subscription to learn about art for kids!
  • Flax and Twine. Anne has taken arm knitting and weaving to the next level. Her kits are so good!
  • Purl soho. The golden standard of kits!
  • Sweet Red Poppy. Kim has some awesome sewing and Cricut classes!
  • The Crafted Life. Rachel has curated the most colorful crafting supplies!
  • Yayday Paper. Amber of Damask Love has a crafting subscription that looks super fun!
  • Elle Cree. Paint by number kits! I had so much fun doing mine!


Artists/Illustrators to support on Small Business Saturday

Ok! Now for artists and illustrators who are in our Lars Print Shop but also have their own shops! They create their own worlds and I love seeing how they do it!

Floral prints by Chaunte Vaughn on a mint green wall

Poppy I print by Rachel Smith

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

  • Yas Imura has a beautiful print in our shop!
  • Helen Dealtry creates the most unreal florals! We even have some of her designs on stickers in our shop!
  • Samantha Hahn is a wonderful letter artist who opened up a shop of rainbows called Maison Rainbow! We have one in our shop!
  • Merrilee Liddiard sells the most beautiful handmade dolls as well as printables. She’s an incredible artist! We have a Frida Kahlo print of hers in our shop.
  • Angie Stalker. Her works bring FUN into our shop!
  • Yelena Brysksenkova was one of the first artists I heard of when blogs became a thing. She has an Etsy shop where she sell her items but we also have some awesome things of hers!
  • Jessie Kanelos Weiner is a talened watercolor artist who has some wonderful things in our shop. She also has a new calendar out with Rizzoli!
  • Jessyca Gomes. I love the style of this Brazilian artist. She has the cutest children’s prints in our shop!
  • Jacqueline Colley has some awesome Christmas prints in our shop!

Phew! That was an epic list!

Utah based small businesses

You may or may not know that Utah has a ton of businesses that you’re probably familiar with and if not, get to know them! Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Heirloom curates the most beautiful items with soul!
  • Harmony. Anything bright and colorful for making projects, go here!
  • Gathre
  • Chatbooks
  • Hello Maypole curates fun colorful felt balls!
  • Mochi is a fun kid’s shop that just opened up a brick and mortar in SLC
  • Mabo just released a collab with Gathre that’s perfection!
  • Koo de Ker has a perfectly curated collection of womens wear.
  • Nena and Co is ethically made handbags. I love everything they stand for!


lewis home

Children’s Shops to support on Small Business Saturday

  • Lewis Home. Organic basics for kids–I could live in their stuff forever if I could!
  • Winter Water Factory. Organic basics for kids with a focus on prints. We’ve done a few collaborations with them!
  • Raduga Grez has THE BEST children’s toys. They’re art.
  • Pehr has some of my favorite clothes for my boys!
  • La Coqueta has dreamy children’s wear
  • Oeuf’s winter collection right now is a dream!
  • Tubby Todd

I can’t believe we made it through that! Are you still here? Happy shopping! 


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