14th day of Christmas crafts: Swedish oranges

I can’t believe it’s already the 14th of December! That means more Christmas crafts!

For these Christmas pomanders, we’re crafting with REAL oranges, as is the tradition!

Read below for instructions on how to make your own Swedish oranges and more Christmas decoration ideas.

The first few crafts in the Christmas crafts challenge included these flapper trees, Scrooge banner, and a berry wreath. Now we have a tutorial for Swedish oranges! These orange and clove pomanders are super easy to make, and you can decorate them in so many different ways!
Remember the American Girl dolls? Now they’re all Mattel and flashy, but when I was 10, they were simple and classy. Kirsten, the Swedish American girl was my favorite and I read the book series religiously. In the Christmas book, Kirsten’s Surprise,  there was a part about Swedish Christmas oranges with cloves and I have always wanted to make them, but I think it took moving to Scandinavia to actually do so. Since yesterday was Santa Lucia day, it was a perfect time to try it out.

How to make Swedish oranges


  • Oranges
  • Cloves
  • Sewing needle, toothpick, or push pin (to poke holes for your cloves)


  1. Poke holes in your orange peel in whatever pattern you’d like
  2. Insert a clove into each hole

And you’re done! Hang your orange and clove pomanders with ribbon or put them in a fruit bowl as I did here. Also, take a look at this post for more pictures of the crafting process for these Swedish oranges! I can’t get enough of them. You can also turn this craft into a little tree made of oranges, or place a candlestick right down the middle of your orange for some holiday decor! However you decide to decorate with your Swedish oranges, your home will be smelling great!

More holiday craft ideas

Looking for more Christmas crafts to go with your orange and clove pomanders? Check out these oversized paper Christmas stars. Perfect for hanging next to your Swedish oranges! If you want some greenery surrounding your Swedish oranges, take a look at this tutorial for DIY crepe paper holly. It’s so easy to spruce up these oranges! If you’re really into the Swedish holiday crafts, read about our head to toe Swedish Christmas here.

Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for printables like this St. Lucia crown!



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