Day 2: Printable St. Lucia crown

We’ve got a strong adoration for all things Scandinavian, as you might have caught on. Somehow they manage to execute folk, modern, minimalist, and classic design elements all impeccably. Not to mention their wonderful pastries, 6-hour workdays, and ample vacation days. Sign me¬†up! Another thing Scandinavia does right? Christmas.

Because Scandinavia gets so dark in the winter, the Christmas season means lights and candles galore! Saint Lucia Day in Sweden is one of their biggest holidays, celebrated on the 13th of December. It recognizes Saint Lucia who was martyred as a young Christian girl because of her faith. Lucy means light, and Lucia was said to wear candles atop her head so her hands would be free to serve the persecuted Christians.

Read below for the details on this printable St. Lucia crown!

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Printable St. Lucia crown

I joined up with a group of Scandinavian bloggers to create a Swedish Advent Calendar: 24 days of posts from 24 different bloggers, each consisting of a Scandinavian inspired project. So mysigt! That means cozy in Swedish ūüėČ You can find the project for Day 1 by Gina Vide at Willowday¬†and tomorrow’s post with Pysselbolaget as well as a list of the other participants. I’m so excited to see them all!

Today, St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated in all of Scandinavia. Traditionally, girls wear white dresses and red sashes, each with an evergreen crown of candles atop her head. A procession is then held in each town or school and carols are sung. It’s such a lovely sight! I can’t forget to mention that Pepparkakor (Swedish gingersnaps), Lussekatar (sweet saffron buns), and glogg (a mulled cider), are usually accompanied. Are you sold yet? St. Lucia Day is such a cozy holiday and I think it’s a shame we don’t celebrate it here in the states. Insert: A printable St. Lucia Crown! Skip the frigid winter and enjoy carols and sweets all while looking like a Scandinavian Princess in the comfort of your own home!

Printable St. Lucia crown

Printable St. Lucia Crown

Remember our extra fancy Santa Lucia crown a few years ago? We decided a paper version was an easier option for all ages and created a printable file for you to download. You don’t even have to worry about your hair catching fire! We’ll keep our balsam scented candles placed firmly on a table, thank you.

Printable St. Lucia crown


Simply print off the file here, on heavy paper, cut around the edges, and glue the two holly pieces together to fit the size of your head. Glue the candles around the crown to finish it off.

Make sure to check out Day 3 tomorrow over at Pysselbologet!

Printable St. Lucia crownPrintable St. Lucia crown

My Scandinavian Christmas

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