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DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

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  • Eileen Trejo says

    Hello, I just purchased the template and will be using my Cricut to cut out the shape, what size are you using?

  • Aja says


    I bought the template for the lovely lightbulb advent calendar, and printed it. The problem is, the template I was sent, was without the top tabs? I’m making two advent calendars, one for my brother and one for my cousin, so I bought paper enough for 48 lightbulbs, and just cut Them ALL out, only to find out, that I can’t finish it now due to the missing top tabs. I have nothing to attach to the Black top part 🙁 i just wasted time and money on this project due to a faulty template, and i don’t have enough paper to start over, which is pretty sad :/

    • Sarah says

      A little late, but here’s a possible solution: the string you use to tie the 5 sides together, make it longer. If you leave yourself two long ends after tying the sides together, you can then maybe pass them through the black topper and tie them to the long string that all the bulbs are hanging on. It’s probably not ideal, but better than starting over and wasting all that nice paper.

      You’d also have the bonus advantage that these would suddenly be reusable if you just replace the string. For me, these were A LOT of work to make by hand, so I wanted to make mine in a way that doesn’t use glue to combine the two parts, thus ruining them when you take them down. I used little Velcro dots on the inside of the black toppers and outside of the bulbs, but string can also work.

      Hope you make it work, good luck!

  • Caroline Ettinger says

    Hello – I’m using this template with the cricut maker and only part of the pattern is being cut – just the middle three sides. I’m new to the machine, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but some part of the pattern is cutting, so I really don’t understand what’s going on.

  • aisha says

    How does one go about opening the advent calendar bulb without ruining the actual string of lights? Or is this suppose to slowly go down to one bulb at the end of the month? Would be nice not to destroy the whole thing while still accessing the daily treats.