9th day of Christmas Crafts: Flapper trees

Get ready for the 9th day of the Christmas crafts challenge! These flapper trees are easy to create and will fit in perfectly with other holiday decorations!

What I love about these flapper trees is that you can make them in any color to create your own little rainbow landscape of trees.

Read below for the full tutorial!

You’ll Need:

These glitter trees and candy lights were the first couple of Christmas crafts, and now we have these flapper trees! Now, I’m seriously running out of room in our little place to feature all of these projects. Luckily, these flapper trees are small enough that they can be placed on mantels or side tables and leave room for any other holiday decorations you may have!
I found some papier mâché cones at a little shop back in November and have been trying to figure out what to do with them since. Well, this whole 24 Days of Christmas Crafts was the perfect excuse to give them a go. Paul took one look at these trees when he arrived home and said, “They look like flapper girls,” hence their now coined name. I found these mint crepe paper streamers in October at a really disgusting party store in DC (sorry, it was just really gross) but this color totally stood out.

DIY flapper trees



  1.  Cut into the streamers about 1″ in ever 1/4″ inch.
  2. Affix double stick tape to the bottom rim of the cone about the height of the streamer.
  3. Wrap around the base about 3 times.
4. Continue up the tree, each time leaving less and less space between layers.
5. For the last layer, cut the streamer in half to leave a little topper on the tree.
Voila! Now you can display all your flapper trees for the holiday.

Christmas tree crafts

We’re all about creating the best and brightest holidays possible here at Lars (and, of course, we want you to make every day beautiful)! Stay tuned for the next Christmas craft, and be sure to check out the blog archives for more creative ideas! Read below for some Christmas tree favorites up on the blog.

If you loved these little flapper trees, be sure to check out more Christmas tree craft ideas and inspiration! Learn how to make these DIY family photo heirloom ornaments for your Christmas tree, and check out the tutorial for this applique tree skirt! Take a look at some of our favorite Christmas tree inspiration here!



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