Oversized Paper Christmas Stars
Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

You'll Need:

  • Star template

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

With winter in full swing, I was searching for something to warm up my home during the dark, cold months. These Oversized Paper Christmas Stars were the perfect solution. These magical stars have are a common sight during the Christmas season in Scandinavian countries and have recently gained popularity in the United States and Canada. Traditionally hung in the window and filled with string lights, the stars would welcome visitors during the long and dark winters. We used our Cricut machine to create a small version to use as a tree topper a few weeks ago, so make sure you check out that post for a handful of Swedish-inspired Christmas decorations! These stars use the same templates, we just enlarged the size for an oversized result.

Learn how to make your own Oversized Paper Christmas Stars to welcome visitors this season! 

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

For this project, we used a cream-colored cardstock with textured lines. Using textured paper will add a unique element to the stars, but of course feel free to experiment with different colors and textures to create your star! Each star is constructed of fourteen segments, seven for the front of the star and seven for the back.

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

We used our Cricut machine to create the segments and then we used a glue stick to piece them together. Before gluing the pieces together, we used a ruler and a craft knife to create a sharper score line. This will help the points and edges fold neatly. To add stability, we used a hot glue gun to connect the front and back pieces of the star together.

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars


  • Seven pieces of 12×12 inch cardstock paper per star
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cricut Machine
  • Ruler, optional but encouraged
  • Craft knife, optional but encouraged
  • Fishing Line, twine, or ribbon to hang
  • Templates for Cricut — Find the design with 7 star points and insert into a new project
  • Find our PDF template on our shop!

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars


  1. Depending on how many stars you are making, be sure to have seven pieces of 12×12 inch cardstock per star. Click on the template above, which will take you to Cricut DesignSpace. Insert the Star pieces and enlarge their size so each point is about 8 inches tall. Cut the segments of the star out using your Cricut Machine.
  2. Take a ruler and a craft knife and carefully follow the score lines created by the Cricut machine, making sure not to cut through the paper. This will create a crisper fold line for a more precise star. 
  3. Fold the edges at the scoring points down, as these will be used to connect each segment and the front and back together.
  4. Take a glue stick and glue each segment together using the side tabs. As you do this, your star will begin to take shape.
  5. Create 2 star faces, one for the front and one for the back, each with 7 segments or 14 points.
  6. Use a hot glue gun to connect the front and back pieces together by hot gluing the star points together with the tabs. 
  7. You may want to leave a small opening to use as a tree topper or to facilitate hanging.
  8. Use fishing line or twine to hang.

Oversized Paper Christmas Stars

Check out The Lars Shop for more holiday printables and templates!


    • Each piece of the star actually has two points, so those are not connecting tabs. The stars have 14 points total, 7 pieces, for each side. The Tabs are quite small with no designs.


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