13th day of Christmas Crafts: berry wreath

It’s the 13th day of our Christmas crafts challenge, and we have berries and wreaths to create with!

This berry wreath is subtle enough to hang up year-round, yet has colors cool enough to fit in with winter decor!

Read below for the details on this berry wreath and more decor inspiration!

This berry wreath idea was sparked by another crafting project! I was working on another project this past weekend and I needed a bunch of berries for a shoot. They’ve just been sitting around so why not put them to use? I arranged the white and black berries in a wreath and I love how it turned out. I love the fact that I can find them just right outside our house.

Berry Wreath

For those of you who don’t just have berries sitting around (I think I’m outnumbered on this one 😉 ), read below for some materials you can use for your berry wreath!


  • Wreath (I recommend getting a grapevine wreath like this one so that your berries will blend in nicely)
  • Berry stems (you can find a variety of these at most craft stores and online)


  1. Simply insert your berry twigs and other greenery into your wreath! You may need to glue them if you find that they’re not holding well.

Done! Now you have a gorgeous berry wreath to hang up during the holidays (or year round!). Super simple, right? I’m tempted to make a wreath for each season! Keep reading for more of our Christmas crafts and other DIY wreath ideas!

Christmas crafts challenge

We’re already on the 13th day of December! Can you believe that?! This Christmas crafts challenge is really putting me to the test, but it’s a great way to keep the inspiration flowing! On the 1st and 2nd days of the Christmas crafts challenge, we made these DIY glitter trees and candy lights. Other crafts included these flapper trees and a Scrooge inspired wall banner. December’s not over yet, though! Stay tuned for more fun holiday crafts!

More wreath inspiration

A wreath really puts that final touch on making your house your home. We have SO MANY different wreath tutorials here on the Lars blog! Whatever season and style you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

For more winter and Christmas wreaths, take a look at this felt holly wreath, paper mushroom wreath (pictured above), and paper dresden ornament wreath.

Looking to make Spring and Summer wreaths? Check out our lemon wreath, Raffia pom pom wreath, and paper blossom wreath (pictured above).

For wreaths that are typically hung up any time of the year (although we won’t discourage hanging up pastel florals in winter or pinecone wreaths in summer!), check out this baby’s breath wreath (pictured above), color blocked thread wreath, and paper cherry wreath!



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