DIY Colorful Baby’s Breath Wreath

With Halloween long gone and Thanksgiving on the horizon we are beginning our decorations for the season, starting with this lovely baby’s-breath wreath! Maybe you have seen the amazing colorful baby’s-breath arrangements lately? We’re digging it! We had to get on board so we put a little Lars spin on it and voila! The baby’s breath wreath was born.  This subtle rainbow palette on the gentle baby’s breath is the perfect welcome to your Thanksgiving guests and simple is an understatement for putting this beauty together!

DIY Baby’s-Breath Wreath:


You can find everything we used to make this project here.


  1. Choose a color palette/pattern for your wreath
  2. Divide the baby’s breath into equal groups-the number of groups depends on how many colors of spray paint you choose
  3. Spray each group evenly, making sure each flower gets colored (however be careful not to “overdo it”, too much paint can turn your flowers into little balls rather than pretty petaled buds)
  4. Lay all groups to dry for 10-15 minutes
  5. Take the first color group of your pattern and cut off the stems-leave just enough of a stem to poke into the floral wreath and hold the flowers in place
  6. Repeat for all colors! Cutting some stems longer than others will give your wreath dimension when placing your flowers

We love to see your creations! Tag us with #LarsMakes so we can take a look!


  1. Love this color palette! Would you list specific colors you used & specific brand of paint, please? From the photo, it looks like more one type…thanks for your help… appreciate it!

  2. This is so beautiful! How long does the wreath last since you used live baby’s breath? Would you recommend using dried baby’s breath to make it last longer?
    Thank you!


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