Secret Garden party at Alt Summit

Whooeee, it’s been a month since Alt Summit (an annual blogging conference in Salt Lake City) and I’m just now getting to the recaps. I thought I’d start with the Secret Garden party that I helped throw with Erin Mercado of Candy Kirby Designs, Alix Adams of A Ruffled Life, and Melissa Esplin of I Still Love you.

I thought it would be great if we could use the flowers that my mom and sister made for my sister’s wedding but the problem was actually getting all of them to Utah. Enter, Tai Pan Trading. Tai Pan, a home decor importer with stores in CA and UT, was so very generous to drive our floral stock up. Not only that but they provided a TON of decor for the party like ceramic gnomes and garden topiaries. You know, essential party supplies.

And you might recall the goody we sent people home with at the party–this floral hanky that Melissa Esplin and I collaborated on.
Here’s Erin, Melissa and Alix putting the party together. I have to give most of the credit to these three for putting it together. I had a few things I was in charge of for the week so I couldn’t be there too much to help out. Erin had made these beautiful backdrops that we could hang up for the party but the airline was so irresponsible and never even got them on the plane and their customer service was horrific. And Alix made the beautiful photobooth backdrops out of fabric strips.
Alison Show and I getting up close and personal. She’s the bomb.
Melissa hand lettered all the floral related quotes in the room including this calligraphic birds, above. She’s amazing.

I loved seeing people’s reactions to the flowers. It was full of wonder and amazement. I wish every day held an ounce of that sense of awe.
And of course, we had to have a photobooth and I had to get a pic with Rubi from She Lets Her Hair Down because she’s finally back in the US (from Paris!). We were kind of newbies to the photobooth idea and someone told us you’re supposed to stick your chin out. I also photoboothed it up with the ladies of Cricut, who are da bomb.

And finally Hilary from Dean Street Society, above, and the adorable Becki from Whippy Cake, below left, who taught me how to do the arm extension for the selfie. And my adorable sister Caitlin who came to Alt to represent the artist she works for, Timree Gold.

This waiter above was so kind and that there on the right above is Lindi of Love the Day and her cute family. I had met Lindy about a decade ago while studying abroad in Paris. For some reason I just remembered her face and spotted her at Alt this year. Too funny.

The night of the party we sold all of the flowers to Whitney EnglishShe sells a beautiful planner for designers who want to use their time effectively. I need this in my life! Caitlin and I bundled them off and shipped them to NYC for her booth for NY Now and it turned out beautifully, right?!

This party was made possible with great sponsors like Tai Pan Trading 
And a big shout out to the ladies who made this possible: Erin Mercado of Candy Kirby Designs, Alix Adams of A Ruffled Life, and Melissa Esplin of I Still Love you
Floral crowns by Lizy’s Lilies
Photos from Rue Rococo, The Alt Summit Flickr stream, my Instagram, Whitney English’s Instagram



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