Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

March has arrived, which means Spring is on its way, which means wedding season is upon us! Do you have any weddings to attend this year? Perhaps you’re a soon-to-be bride? Either way, you probably know flowers are a huge part of weddings and for good reason. Blossoms and blooms have the power to create dreamy settings, lovely pops of color, and can determine the style and mood of a wedding. The downside? They cost a pretty penny. So if you’re the type of bride that would rather spend time creating rather than spend money on a florist, this Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet is for you!

Inspired by the gorgeous work of Yasmine Floral Design, one of my favorite florists, we made a bouquet of Coral Charm peonies, Billy Balls, and lots of greenery. Tied with a lovely silk ribbon, no one would ever know this bouquet wasn’t real! Plus, it lasts long after the big day. Now you’ve got an heirloom wedding bouquet that you can have for years to come. Just set it in a vase or use it as a centerpiece!

Get the tutorials for the flowers and start making some blooms!

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Get the templates HERE


  • 160 or 180-gram crepe paper in Cream, Yellow, and two shades of green.
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 22 gauge Floral wire stems
  • Wire cutters
  • Green floral tape, optional


Coral Charm Peony

  1. Cut 3 pieces of 2-inch by 1-inch green crepe paper. Fold in half lengthwise and roll up to create a tight roll to act as a carpel. Repeat 2 more times.
  2. Hot glue the 3 green carpels around the tip of a floral wire stem.
  3. Cut 3 pieces of 6-inch tall by 12-inch wide outstretched crepe paper, 2 white and 1 yellow.
  4. Sandwich the yellow piece in between the two white pieces and glue together with a glue stick.
  5. Fringe the long edge of all the sandwiched piece, leaving 1/4″ uncut at the bottom
  6. Wrap the fringed piece around the 3 carpels, securing with hot glue at you go.
  7. Spindle the fringe with your fingers by rubbing them vigorously to rough up the edges. Spread the pieces out to make full stamens.
  8. Cut out 8-10 small petals and 15-20 large petals from the templates provided
  9. Cup the petals by stretching out the center of each petal, then ruffle the top edge by scrunching it forward and crinkling it
  10. Glue the petals around the center stamen, starting with the small ones and getting larger as you move outwards.
  11. Wrap the base of the flower and the wire stem with a 1/2-inch thick strip of out-stretched green crepe paper or floral tape.

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Billy Balls

  1. Wrap a 2-inch wide by 1-inch tall piece of yellow crepe paper tightly around the tip of a floral wire stem and hot glue.
  2. Cut 3, 1/2-inch tall by 10-inch long strips of yellow crepe paper
  3. Finely fringe the long side of all the strips, leaving a bit uncut at the bottom so it stays as one strip
  4. Wrap the fringed strips around the yellow center, stepping down slightly each time you go around the center.
  5. With your fingers, brush the layers down away from the center to make a more circular shape. Use small scissors to trim near the top and bottom to help shape into a ball. You want these to be very fluffy and round.


  1. Using the template provided, cut out leaf shapes on the diagnol of the crepe paper.
  2. Cut the leaf in half and flip one side upside down, so the grains of the crepe paper point up and out from the center
  3. Place a line of glue on the inside edge of one leaf, overlap with the over to secure.
  4. Ruffle the edge of the leaf by pulling apart the ridges of the crepe paper gently.
  5. Glue 3 to 5 leaves onto a wire stem. Repeat with different shades of green for 5-10 boughs total.

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet


Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

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Photography by Jane Merritt | Crafting by Rebecca Hansen | Modeling by Kirstin Johnson



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