Mini basket place settings

This Easter, you can have the cutest picnic ever! These mini basket place settings are just the thing to get you in the spirit. Plus, they’re SUPER easy to make! It’s a win-win!

This craft is great for all ages! Have a picnic with your friends, or make them for your kids as a little pre- Easter egg hunt gift!

Read below for the tutorial, and be sure to check out more Easter crafts linked below!

You’ll Need:

You know I love me anything oversized, but a good mini project puts me in squeals too. When I came across these mini Easter baskets, I had a real cuteness overload moment and had to do something with them. Place settings to be exact. They’re such a quick project you’ll have time to make so many other springtime projects. “Oh goody, more craft projects” you’re thinking, right? Thought so. Keep reading to find out how to make these adorable mini basket place settings!

DIY mini basket place settings for Easter

It’s so easy squeazy.


I bought these mini baskets here¬†and filled them with a bit of moss and robin’s egg peanut butter M&Ms. You might be tempted to buy a slew of other robin’s egg candies, but I bought them all to see which was prettiest and tastiest and these are them. Trust me. I also ate all the bags to find out, so I’m obviously I’m a person with sound judgment.


  1. Fill your baskets with moss and robin’s egg candies. You can add other goodies as well, depending on how big your baskets are!
  2. Cut out mini banners
  3. Write the names of your friends/family/guests on the mini banners
  4. Use the glue gun to stick the banners to the mini basket handles

I created the banners out of leftover wallpaper (from a project I did for Laura Ashley) and curled them so that they twisted a bit. I wrote each name, glue gunned them to the basket, and BOOM!

photography and styling by yours truly

More fun Easter projects

If you loved these mini basket place settings, you’ll definitely love these other Easter crafts! For a big showstopper centerpiece, learn how to make this naturally dyed Easter egg tree. For your door, take a look at this DIY wreath.

If these mini baskets put you in the giving mood, make a giant egg like this one to surprise your neighbors! You can take a look in the Lars Easter shop for easy gift ideas (and more craft ideas!).


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