4th of July woven placemat

Step 1: Cut your paper into various widths with a paper cutter. The straighter the lines the easier the fit.
Step 2: Lay out your first row either vertically or horizontally. Here I show it vertically.
Step 3: Now start with your strips going the opposite way, here it’s horizontally, but place the paper in and out of the first row.
Step 4: Continue with the next strip of paper weaving in and out the opposite way, so if you started by going under the first line, start out this time.
Step 5: Continue with the next rows always doing the opposite of what you did last time, a traditional weave.
Step 6: Once you’re done, glue the ends so that they can’t come apart.


photography by Trisha Zemp
crafting and styling by Brittany Jepsen



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