DIY shadow print botanical t-shirt

DIY sunprint t-shirt
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to glamp we go! First item of crafty glamping bidness…the wardrobe. And here, we make our wardrobe with a little dye and help from the sun in the form of a botanical sunprint (or shadow print) t-shirt. I love how it turned out! The periwinkle color is so so gorgeous.
DIY sunprint t-shirt
DIY sunprint t-shirt

Materials: plain t-shirt, Lumi inkodye in 1 8 oz blue bottle and 1 navy Snap Packs, leaves to place on top, 2 cups water, newspaper, cardboard

Step 1: We used the instructions provided by the dye (see here) but we submerged the entire shirt.
Step 2: Place the shirt on a big piece of cardboard in a shady area
Step 3: Arrange your leaves in your desired pattern. We used ferns and laid them across horizontally.
Step 4: Now take your shirt outside and let the front dry for about 15 minutes.
Step 5: Now take the shirt back to the shade, turn your t-shirt upside down to dry the back inserting newspaper into the middle of the shirt so the sun doesn’t dye through to the other side and let it sit out in the sun for another 15 minutes.
Step 6: Once the print is set put it in the wash (like the instructions on the dye kit).

Voila! The perfecting crafty glamping tutorial! Enjoy!

photography by Sheena Bates 
hair and make up by Jessie McArthur
crafting by Kelly Curtis

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