Ikea hack embellished pillow

  1. Place the bucket in a bathtub and fill 2/3 with water. Put on rubber gloves for protection. Pour entire bottle of bleach into bucket.
  2. Submerge cushion cover in bleach water solution and let soak for one hour.
  3. Remove cushion cover. Dump solution into bath tub and rinse cushion cover thoroughly under faucet.
  4. Fill bucket 3/4 with warm water. Add 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 tsp of dye powder. Mix until dissolved. Submerge cushion cover in dye bath for ONE MINUTE making sure that cover isn’t bunched up anywhere. This will ensure even dye coverage. Remove cushion cover and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Put cushion cover in washing machine with just a little bit of laundry detergent. Wash on warm for 30 minutes.
  6. Hurry back to tub and pour the dye solution down the drain. IMMEDIATELY sprinkle Comet anywhere you see dye and scrub with a scrub brush. We wouldn’t want you to stain your tub 🙂
  7. Lay cushion cover flat to dry over night.
  8. Make 12 pom poms from coordinating yarns. There are a million tutorials out there, but I used this one. My disc had a two inch diameter. You can make the poms multi colored by wrapping one color of yarn, then wrapping more with your second and then third colors until your disc is full.
  9. Use heavy duty thread to sew three pom poms on each corner of the cushion- two ion the front of the corner and one on the back. Try to sew the poms as close to the corners as you can. Stitch through each pom three or four times.
  10. Insert cushion, zip, and enjoy.



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