Thanksgiving Dress Inspiration

In this job, I’ve had the chance to work with a number of wonderfully creative and talented people. One of these is Carli Randolf. We’ve been talking about how to work her sewing skills into the blog, and we came up with the idea of making a design to wear for certain events. The holidays are a perfect time to “don some new apparel” so, without further ado… introducing the Thanksgiving dress!

Read below for details on this amazing dress and more holiday dress inspiration!

This Thanksgiving dress is so festive and has all the elements I love in a dress. Also, this dress could definitely be called the pumpkin pie dress. SEE IT??? Once you see it, there’s really no going back. We used a fabric that we found at our favorite local shop, Harmony in Provo. They sell the most lovely fabrics. This tip isn’t super helpful if you don’t live in Utah, but I’d email the owner Laura (see here) and talk to her about it. Perhaps if we put enough pressure on her, she’ll start shipping out some fabric for you.

The Thanksgiving dress details

I’ve already worn it to a few events and LOVE IT! I’ve been wanting a dress that focuses on stripes as diagonals, and Carli took this idea and ran with it. She created a fun side sleeve that mimics the diagonal in front and the kangaroo pouch. Of course, I love me some dresses without waistbands (much to my husband’s chagrin), so this dress is perfect. It’s great for Thanksgiving, but it’s also super versatile and can be worn in any season!

Holiday dress inspiration

If you know me, you know I absolutely love dresses. I even wrote about why I only wear dresses! They just make life so much easier, and there are dress styles out there for everyone. So why not have dresses for each holiday? If you’re looking for your own perfect Thanksgiving dress, try creating an autumnal Thanksgiving inspiration board to kick off your holiday dress brainstorm session.

If you’re creating your dress from scratch, check out these amazing fabrics online to create your one of a kind holiday dress! If sewing isn’t your thing, take a look at these puffy sleeve dresses for some inspiration– we love a puffy sleeve dress here at Lars! Whatever your style may be, a holiday dress may be one of the best ways (in my opinion) to get festive!

With that, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m so grateful to have you along on this creative journey of mine. Without you, there’s no blog, and for that, I’m super duper grateful.

Do you love this pumpkin pie dress as much as I do? Let’s share the dress love! Let me know about your dress inspiration and sewing projects!



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