Thanksgiving dress & a question

In this job I’ve had the chance to work with a number of wonderfully creative and talented people. One of these is Carli Randolf. We’ve been talking about how to work her sewing skills into the blog and we came up with the idea of making a design to wear for certain events. The holidays is a perfect time to “don some new apparel” so, without further ado….introducing the Thanksgiving dress! More particularly, the Pumpkin Pie dress. SEE IT??? Once you see it there’s really no going back, but if you don’t say it out right then you’re in the clear. We used a fabric that we found at our favorite local shop, Harmony in Provo. They sell the most lovely fabrics. This tip isn’t super helpful if you don’t live in Utah, but I’d email the owner Laura (see here) and talk to her about it. Perhaps if we put enough pressure on her she’ll start shipping out some fabric for you.
I’ve already worn it to a few events and LOVE IT! I’ve been wanting a dress that focuses on stripes as diagonals and Carli took this idea and ran with it. She created a fun side sleeve that mimics the diagonal in front and the kangaroo pouch. Of course, I love me some dresses without waist bands (much to my husband’s chagrin) so this dress is perfect.

Now the question is…I love this dress so much, but do you? Would you dear readers be interested in buying the patterns if we provided them? Just putting it out there to see if that’s something we should invest our time into. If not, no worries! But if so, let’s share the dress love!

With that, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m so grateful to have you along on this creative journey of mine. Without you, there’s no blog and for that I’m super duper grateful.

Photography by Laura Sumrak
Dress by Carli Randolf
Fabric from Harmony 



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