DIY painted shoes for St. Patrick’s Day

DIY St. Patrick's Day Shoes

My mom took one look at this photo from this shoot from Valentine’s Day and immediately texted me saying, “Missed opportunity. You should have painted the soles.” I love my mom.

I love her because she’s a creative GENIUS! Of course the soles of shoes need to be painted! Now, I may have missed a Valentine’s Day opportunity, but I’ll be darned if I miss St. Patrick’s Day when it’s even MORE important to get your color on. I mean, who wants to be pinched? This is one of those classic moments when someone notices you aren’t wearing green and then in a sudden graceful rush you bring your foot up to face and show them the green. Or rainbow in this instance.

DIY Rainbow Shoes for St. Patrick's Day

See how the rainbow garland goes with everything?! DIY Rainbow St. Patrick's Day ShoesDIY Rainbow Shoes for St. Patrick's Day DIY Green Shoes for St. Patrick's Day
Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Craft assisting by Alexa Jorgenson  |  Styling by Brittany Jepsen 


For the rainbow shoes:

Step 1: Use blue tape (I used masking tape here, but either will work), to mask off the stripes. To make the stripes equal, measure the length of the shoe and divide into as many colors as you want to use (I used 6).

Step 2: You can paint three colors at one time.

Step 3: Once the colors are completely dry (don’t short cut it), slowly take off the tape.

Step 4: Lightly tape over the previous painted colors and paint the remaining three colors.

Step 5: Wait until it’s completely dry to remove the tape.

Step 6: There’s a chance that some paint might come off with the tape. Simple patch it over with paint.

For the green shoes:

Step 1: Carefully paint the entire sole green. Use blue tape around the edges to make a clean line.

Step 2: Make sure it’s completely dry before removing the tape.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!DIY Rainbow Rug and Shoes



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