Day 2 of Dress the Rainbow

Dress the rainbow

Day 2 of Dress the Rainbow (if you missed the announcement, find out more info here). Today it’s blush pink, one of my favorites. Blush is wonderful if acting as a neutral or just on its own. I love pairing it with other tinted hues like olive green or navy or even shades of browns. I especially love blush when paired with other shades of pinks and peaches. It reminds me of petals. SO, of course, I had to bring in some of my paper flowers to enhance the shade.

Joining me today is my sister Caitlin Watson Boyes, who you will be seeing a lot more of since she was the impetus for this project. We share a love of colors and patterns, and after much encouraging, she has FINALLY started her own blog called Modern Colorist, a fashion blog set out to teach you how to use color in a modern way. It’s educational and fun and clever, just like her!

Dress-The-Rainbow-3 Dress-The-Rainbow-4

Join in on the fun by taking your own photo in any shade and tagging it with #DressTheRainbow and @HouseLarsBuilt.

Shop all things blush below!

Above left: Skirt from Koo de Ker in Salt Lake City, top from H&M. Above right: Both from H&M

Photos by Alexa Jorgenson



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