Day 17 of Dress The Rainbow

Dress the rainbow in marigold with Modern Colorist

And we’re on day 17 of Dress the Rainbow! Yellow is perhaps my favorite to dress in. So happy and bright! Once again, my sister, Caitlin of Modern Colorist is joining me. Caitlin and I both share a love of yellow so you just might see more of her this hue 🙂

A fun(ish) fact about Caitlin. Caitlin was 23 when she got a hip replacement for having hip dysplasia. Her new hip is ceramic and titanium. She was 5’10” before the surgery and 5’11” after. It straightened her all out! My 5’5″ self is secretly super jealous. If you ever meet her, you’ll be awed by her height and notice a slight limp in her step. The more you know, eh!

Check out the Dress the Rainbow movement on Instagram! You guys are really going at it and it’s so fun to watch!

Shop marigold below…


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