Day 22 of Dress the rainbow

Modern Colorist

Day 22 of Dress the rainbow in mustard yellow with Caitlin of Modern Colorist.

I’ve got to tell you about the time she saw her first dead body. (First of hopefully not too many.) In college she needed to find a place to live after getting kicked out of a house with too many girls. It was after the rush to find apartments so she was striking out left and right. Finally, she found a flyer at the local donut shop (her favorite place in the world) advertising an apartment for rent nearby. The price was right so she called immediately and got it on the spot. Hooray! Stress over.

The thing was, it was located in a mortuary.

She went to pay rent and there it was, just chilling out on a gurney in the back of the van. She managed to live there for four months.

That Caitlin, she’s one of a kind.

Shop the mustard look below!


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