1. Dirt and oil from your hands can prevent the paint from properly adhering to the glass. So begin with cleaning your lampshades thoroughly. Right before I started to painted them, I also cleaned the glass with isopropyl alcohol (this is optional).

2. Next step is to paint primer on to the lampshades, to make the top coat more durable (this can be optional). Allow the first layer to dry beforesecond layer. If you are a bit impatient like me, you can hurry the drying process up by using a blowdryer.

3. Now it’s time for your top coat. You can use spray paint or acrylic paint (I used colors I already had at home), With regular acrylic paint you may see brushstrokes in the coat, even after the paint dries. With spray paint you will get a more even surface (If you are going to use spray paint I highly recommend you to do that outdoors.).

4. Finally, if you’d like to you can seal it with a clear acrylic coat, it might help protect the finish.

The paint treatment is not super durable and the function of your pieces will be primarily decorative. I handle all of the pieces I’ve painted with extra care. Since the paint can chip and flake during time, using on pieces that will be near food is not recommended. step-by-step2Newprogress vases-finalNew