Soaking in the end of summer


I discovered a new clothing line based out of NYC, Plante, and immediately fell in love with their whole vibe—cuts, and prints, and lines, the whole shebang. I got a hold of a couple of items from their spring collection (now on sale!) and took a trip to Sun River Gardens to soak in the last rays of summer at their gorgeous greenhouse.

And a little tip: the end of summer is the perfect time to great deals at nurseries, especially for stocking up on gardening stuff for next year!

Photography by Melissa Leavitt

Lars-Planteclothing-10Lars-Planteclothing-20Lars-Planteclothing-16Lars-Planteclothing-18Lars-Planteclothing-3 Lars-Planteclothing-8 Lars-Planteclothing-11

How are you celebrating the end of summer?



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