eyeballs with gumball pupils modern party

Eyeball gumball drink stirrers

If you’ve been wanting to throw a fun and whimsical party, we have just the tutorial for you! Whether you create these for Valentine’s Day or just a fun party with you and your friends, these eyeball gumball drink stirrers are sure to be a hit!

View the full tutorial below, as well as more details about our Galentine’s party!

You’ll Need:

eyeballs with gumball pupils modern party


Guys! We have a big Galentine’s brunch party┬ácoming in a couple of weeks, but we thought we’d sprinkle some tutorials we created for it before we release the final party pics because 1) I can’t keep a secret 2) These eyeball gumball drink stirrers must be made and used pronto. We kind of like them and think you might too ­čÖé

eyeballs with gumball pupils modern party

Find out how to make these eyeball gumball drink stirrers below!

DIY eyeball gumball drink stirrers


  • 1″ gumballs (we got ours from a mixed colored bag at the dollar store, but these would be so so pretty!)
  • bamboo skewers
  • drill with 1/8″ drill bit (or slightly smaller than the size of your bamboo skewer)
  • white cardstock
  • black cardstock
  • craft cutter (we use this one) or scissors
  • glue gun
  • templates for white and black part of the eyes (included are svg and PDF files)
  • glue stick


  1. Download the templates for the white part of the eye and the black part of the eye.
  2. Cut out the white pieces and cut out the black pieces
  3. Gluestick the white piece on top of the black piece.
  4. Drill into the center each gumball with your drill. You don’t have to drill both sides, but if it happens then that’s just fine!
  5. Add the gumballs to the top of the skewer.
  6. Add a dollop of glue gun to the skewer just below the gumball.
  7. Quickly attach the eyeball.
  8. Donzo!steps

Now, go make yourself a drink mixture and stir away! We used them for our upcoming Valentine’s day party, but they’d be fun for a birthday or dinner party.


eyeballs with gumball pupils modern partyGalentine's Day party

More Valentine’s Day party details

Check out more details of our Galentine’s party here. Even if throwing a big Valentine’s Day party isn’t your thing, bake some cookies, create these cookie gift boxes, and hand them out to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors!

Not sure what exactly you want to do this Valentine’s Day? Take a look at our Valentine’s Day planner to help you create the perfect day.

No matter where you are in your Valentine’s Day planning stages, you can browse the Lars Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for some inspiration, and check out the Lars Valentine’s shop for downloads, printables, and gift ideas to make the holiday special!


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