I’ve had a number of friends and readers send me a link to the work of the Russian artist, Asya Kozina, (above) who has made a series of Baroque style wigs out paper. These Paper Wigs are absolutely exquisite! If you’re new to Lars, it makes sense based on the paper wig I made for my Marie Antoinette Halloween costume two years ago: Marie Antoinette paper wig

I did a bit more digging and found some more amazing paper wigs. Take a lookie below at all the incredible DIY Paper Wig Inspiration! Which is your favorite?

Paper wigs

Photos by Greg Lotus

Paper wigs

Photos from here (and took a lookie at the others. Extraordinary!)

Paper wigs

Photo on left by Halldin + Maule (but it’s actually an oil painting!)   |  photo on right from here


Photo on left by Paper Cut Project for Kate Spade   |  Photo on right from here