Print your own snapchat valentines

Snapchat valentines

Now’s as good of a time as any to proclaim my love for Snapchat, or “The Snaps” as I like to call it. Up until I started to use it a few months ago, I had only heard terrible things about it. Like it’s for teens to take nakkie photos of themselves. BUT, like all forms of social media, adults have slowly started to realize the joys of it and have latched on. And immediately, the teenagers skipped town (but maybe not. Paul just sent me this article. Ha! I think because he’s mostly ashamed of my antics). Whereas Instagram is a place for beautiful pictures, Snapchat is a place for not pretty pics ie: my hair when I wake up. To me, it’s my “safe place” for dancing, singing, karaoking, rambling, and showing you the goings-on in the world of Lars. I say “safe place” because I don’t actually believe that people watch my videos, though I know they do, so I tend to act in a way that I don’t think anyone is watching. As they say “dance like no one’s watching” and on Snapchat, I do.

The other day, I told my Snapchat friends that I had too many valentines from all the printables we’ve been doing (Full House, David Bowie, Salvation Mountain). So I told them I’d send them one if they sent me their address. I started thinking about it, and I decided it would be comical to give them the gift of my bedhead in addition to the printables. There’s this thing I do where I take a pic of my hair before I go to bed because it’s generally in braids all day with gallons of hair spray. This is a little taste:  IMG_9612

And then when I wake up in the morning: IMG_9616

THEN I go to thinking how easy Snapchat really is to make your own valentines because 1) you can add text 2) you can add emojis 3) you can use their fun face transformations to create characters 4) you can save them and 5) you can print them off.

Here’s what I came up with:

Snapchat valentines
Snapchat valentinesPrint your own snapchat valentinesPrint your own snapchat valentinesPrint your own snapchat valentinesPrint your own snapchat valentinesPrint your own snapchat valentines

And if you send me your address, I’ll happily send you one as well.


You’re welcome.

And if you’d like to see more of Dog The Bounty Hunter, aka: moi, follow me at @HouseLarsBuilt

EDIT: I was searching for a way to link directly to Snapchat, and I noticed that HGTV named me as a “Designer to follow on Snapchat.” Looks like there’s more of you than I realized…guess it’s not a secret spot.

Personalize your valentines

Valentine’s Day is a great way to connect with your loved ones. Valentines are so sweet and special, particularly when they’re personalized! These Snapchat valentines are great because you can send your friends and family portraits with personalized messages. The best part is that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously. Valentine’s Day should be fun, right?

If some of your friends and family aren’t as into Snapchat as I am, you can take a look at valentines printables in the Lars shop. The shop has everything from already-made valentines to templates for creating your own. The shop also has gifts you can purchase for your loved ones!



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