Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers

Another holiday coming up calls for new desktop wallpapers! We have four downloadable wallpapers for you, all inspired by our trip to Salvation Mountain!

Scroll below to see all of the designs, as well as links to other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


The month of love deserves some special desktop wallpapers, right? Caitlin made some cute patterns based on our trip to Salvation Mountain last month. Download and put them up on your desktop to enjoy! There are 4 to choose from!
Salvation Mountain Valentine's Day desktop wallpaperSalvation-Mountain-Valentine's-Day-desktop-wallpaperSalvation Mountain Valentine's Day desktop wallpaperSalvation-Mountain-Valentine's-Day-desktop-wallpaper-3Salvation Mountain Valentine's Day desktop wallpaper2-BackSalvation Mountain Valentine's Day desktop wallpaper

Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers

Download all the Valentine’s desktop wallpapers here! 

You can view the full post about our trip to Salvation Mountain here. It was so beautiful, of COURSE we had to make desktop wallpapers based on the trip!

Check out more phone and desktop wallpaper downloads from Craft the Rainbow. You can also browse through monthly calendar wallpapers from Lars’ past! There are so many adorable illustrations, and you can update your desktop each month!

Designs by Caitlin Boyes

Valentine’s Day projects

Now that you have your Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers, it’s time to get crafting! Whether you want to decorate your home or send packages and valentines out to loved ones, we have so many project ideas for you!

Decorating your home

There are so many different ways to decorate your home for the holidays! Whether you love all of the pinks and reds or prefer just a few hearts here and there, we have projects you can make for your home. These paper doily honeycomb decorations are perfect for hanging anywhere around your home for a touch of pink. Use these printable Valentine Papel Picado streamers to hang on your wall. You could even match the colors to your doily honeycomb decorations!

For those of you who want hearts in every room, check out our guide here. Who knew there could be so many heart crafts for your home?

If you’re not so ecstatic about all of the pink and red decorations of Valentine’s Day, check out this paper heart topiary. It’s a subtle way to show your love for the holiday!

Packages and valentines

Want to send out packages or valentines to your loved ones? We have some ideas! For Valentine’s Day packages, check out our care package ideas and heart attack boxes. They’re perfect for loved ones who live far away!

For paper valentines, take a look at these last-minute valentines printables. Simply print, sign, and send away! You can also download more Valentine’s Day printables in the Lars Valentine’s shop!



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