The new Lars Book Club

Lars Book Club

Remember when I tried starting a Book Club two years ago? Almost to the day? One of my requirements was that it was a low-stress commitment. However! Clearly, I couldn’t even keep up my own promises and I let it slip. It took me ages to finish the first book! Gah! That was NOT a good start. Well, I decided I wanted something that would still keep me accountable and also include you, my dear readers, with books that we both potentially love so I asked my dear, long-time friend, Julie Richardson, to take over the Lars Book Club.

Why? Read below! And find out how to join!

Hello, Lars readers! I’m thrilled to be contributing to Brittany’s lovely blog, and in a way that I love so much ­ reading! As a girl, I was never, ever without a book (this is no exaggeration…ask my mom), and was always the kid with a flashlight under the blanket or in the car on overnight trips. Not much has changed, actually! Behind many avid readers is a spouse or significant other who groans, puts a black sock over their eyes and says, “What time is it?? Good night…again…” Yup. Good night. Just oooooone more chapter!

I grew up in Tivoli, New York, with the picturesque Hudson Valley estates and historic sites as my backyard. School trips down to New York City were frequent, and with these excursions to endless museums and Broadway shows, as well as art in my family’s background, I grew to love art and art history! Brittany and I were in the same Art History & Curatorial Studies major at BYU (fun times!!), and I feel like it’s almost unfair to say how much I loved college while my husband slogged (successfully) through the accounting program, ha! After Travis and I got married and both graduated, we moved to Vancouver, Washington, where he grew up. I quickly got to know the fun, artsy city of nearby Portland, Oregon by volunteering at several galleries and eventually working at the Portland Art Museum and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. The Northwest art community is tight ­knit and innovative, and I loved it. I stopped working in 2005 right before my first child was born and…TA­DA! We now have four children, two boys and two girls to keep me busy and keep me laughing. While I do miss the museum world at times, I’ve had endless opportunities to share museums and art with my children. I volunteer often at their school, teaching and doing projects on different art topics. It has been so rewarding and fun, it just might turn this wanna­-be-­curator into an art educator instead! I’d love to get a Master’s one day when the kids are (mostly) grown. I also love photography, drawing, playing my flute, enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, and traveling. And of course, reading like mad late into the night and reading aloud with my kids…who are all bookworms as well. Are you surprised?? 🙂

On to the book club! The House that Lars Built is a lovely blog, in every way. Brittany’s content is beautiful, colorful,crafty, artsy, and whimsical, yet has an edgy design vibe as well. I’ve tried to find books that embody these aspects of her blog, and I hope you’ll join me as we read and discuss them! Flowers? Fashion? Art? Some classics thrown in too? I hope there’s something you’ll like, or maybe a chance to try a new genre you’ve never read. This will be a blast! Thanks for having me!

I’m excited to tell you that our first book is Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. If you know anything about Brittany, it’s that she loves Anne of Green Gables and Anne’s imaginative, fanciful ways. I myself grew up watching the movies starring Megan Follows over and over…and over. In fact, whenever I hear that soundtrack now, I tend to get choked up. Anne, Diana, Marilla, Matthew, Gilbert…they were all such a big part of my childhood! I’ve been meaning to re-read the Anne of Green Gables series for a long time, but thought Before Green Gables might be a fun prequel to that! It’s not written by L.M. Montgomery, but I’m curious to see what you’ll think of it. I’ll be back in a month with a few questions or topics to discuss, if you feel so inclined to comment. I’ll also introduce April’s book. Until then, have fun! Enjoy Before Green Gables.

How does the Lars Book Club work? Well, each month we will introduce the book of the month and then we’ll follow up with some discussion questions at the end of the month where we will talk about the book in the comments section. Anyone can join! Tag your friends who you think would be interested! Especially Anne lovers! 



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