Studio library makeover

Step Three: Time to paint. Here’s the fun part! Or at least the fun part for the first two hours, ha! Because I was painting shelves, there were a lot of angles and places where I missed the paint and had to go over corners several times. I ended up painting two coats of paint to get a nice even color. I chose the Dutch Boy Cabinet & Trim paint for the shelving and drawers and Dutch Boy® Refresh® premium self-priming paint in an eggshell finish for the walls. I loved using a paint + primer paint. It saved me the extra step of having to prime my trim pieces before painting. When picking a finish I usually recommend using a bit of a sheen. Eggshell is a subtle sheen that will allow you to wipe away handprints and marks. I also really liked the Dutch Boy Twist & Pour® paint container. It has a pour spout that enables you to pour the paint more efficiently with less spilling. dutchboypaint



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