DIY pressed flower tray

DIY pressed flower tray

by guest contributor Jessica Pezalla of Bramble Workshop

Until moving to Portland, Oregon two years ago, I found roses to be a bit cliché or generic. But after living through a dark, rainy winter and experiencing the explosion of flowers in the spring, I’ve come to love the joyful exuberance of roses. Plus, the variety of types of roses grown here in Portland is astounding.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with pressing flowers and I’ve found that rose petals hold up very well to pressing. The Microfleur flower press allows you to press flowers by microwaving them for a few minutes—much easier than pressing them in a traditional press for three weeks. Plus, the color of the petals remains so much more vibrant! I created this DIY as a way to showcase the vivid and varied hues of roses. Feel free to experiment with other types of flowers- a simple arrangement of pressed leaves would be beautiful too! This project is the perfect way to preserve a flower’s fleeting beauty so that it can be enjoyed year-round.DIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower tray

DIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower trayDIY pressed flower tray

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