DIY Fall Cake Topper

DIY Fall Cake Topper

Gather your materials and let’s get started!  Probably the trickiest part is going to be picking out your favorite colors to use.  We were inspired by the natural color of fall leaves and then added pops of blues and pinks to give it a more rainbow effect.

diy fall leaf cake topper

diy fall leaf cake topper


  • Cut out multiple shaped leaves, one for each color of paper.  HERE’s a good reference for different leaves from maple to palm!
  • Using a dry brush, lightly paint brush strokes on the bottom of the leaves going in an upward motion. Be careful not to use too much paint. Let dry.
  • Gently crinkle the leaves to give them some texture
  • Snap the twigs into varying heights
  • Using the glue gun, glue the twigs onto the back of the leaves

Now bake yourself a treat… or run to the grocery store… and let your leaf topper shine!

diy fall leaf cake topper

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Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Rebecca Young



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