Becky Edwards Inspired Art

As many of you are probably aware, Becky Edwards is running for senate! If you followed along during our craft along this past fall, you’ll know I’m a HUGE Becky Edwards fan. We desperately need someone to unseat Mike Lee from office, and Becky Edwards is a spectacular candidate who is more than up for the challenge.

It turns out I’m not alone in my love for Becky Edwards. Artists around Utah have banded together to make some Becky Edwards inspired art. We’re thrilled to share some of that art with you today!

Becky Edwards

If you missed it, here’s the post where we made pomanders with Becky Edwards! For a full summary of our other classic Christmas guests, see this post. Before we get into all this amazing Becky Edwards inspired art, let me tell you a little about Becky. She’s a Utahn at heart, not to mention an avid crafter! She practically does it all, and with flair. She’s confident, spunky, and talented. What a refreshing change it would be to have her in office!

Without further ado, here’s a list of these amazing artists and their Becky Edwards inspired art:

Becky Edwards Inspired Art

Amanda Jane Jones

We love Amanda Jane Jones! And of course we love her design work. The proof is that we sell it in our very own shop! Here’s her Becky Edwards inspired art:

Oh, and here’s a video of her process, which we loved seeing!


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A post shared by Amanda Jane Jones (@amandajanejones)

Natalee Cooper Chilton

You all know we love our florals, and Natalee out did herself on this one! We love how it turned out.

Ann Chen

Ann Chen‘s work is bold, bright and fun! We love what she did for her Becky Edwards inspired art.

Becca Clason

Becca Clason is to thank for getting everyone together to make all this art. And we love how her stop motion video turned out!


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A post shared by Becca Clason (@beccaclason)

Justin Wheatley

Here’s Justin Wheatley’s rendition of Becky Edwards inspired art:

Jill De Haan

And what about Jill De Haan? We love how hers turned out!

Paige Crosland Anderson

Paige Crosland Anderson made a lovely Becky Edwards inspired art piece. Here it is:

John Connors

Here’s John Connors’ art! Isn’t it nice?


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A post shared by John Connors (@owenjohn)

Matisse Hales

Here’s Matisse Hales‘ artwork. We love the floral theme, yet again!

Danelle Cheney

Danelle Cheney‘s stop motion video was impeccable. We loved it!


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A post shared by Danelle Cheney (@danellecheney)

Michelle Christensen

Michelle Christensen‘s Becky Edwards inspired art piece was also a stunner.

Jesse Draper

Jesse Draper also made a lovely art piece. Here it is:

Sylvia Bunker

Here’s Sylvia Bunker’s Becky Edwards inspired art. Punch needle was a clever idea!

Olivia Knudsen (@okolivia)

Olivia Knudsen also made a lovely ink drawing.


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A post shared by Olivia Knudsen (@okolivia)

Ashley Collett (@ashleycollettdesign)

Ashley Collett’s designs were jaw dropping. Plus she overachieved and made four instead of just one. Amazing!


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A post shared by Ashley Collett (@ashleycollettdesign)

Lori Van Wagoner (@icanmakeit_lorivw)

Here’s a lovely stained glass piece by Lori Van Wagoner.

Genevieve Bryan (@genevievebryan)

We love the bold graphic feel of Genevieve Bryan’s design! Here it is:

Loni Harris

Loni Harris‘ Becky Edwards inspired art piece feels reminiscent of a chalk board, doesn’t it? Love the way it turned out.

Rebecca Knudsen (@rcknudsen)

Rebecca Knudsen for the win with yet another beautiful stained glass piece!


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A post shared by Rebecca Knudsen (@rcknudsen)

David Habben

David Habben wowed us with this trippy and very fun rendition inspired by Becky.

Brooke Smart

We loved this whimsical edition of Becky Edwards inspired art by Brooke Smart. Definitely feels on brand!

Sara Harding

Sara Harding‘s floral rendition was magical to say the least.

Megan Trueblood (@megantruebloodart)

Another floral take, we love this simple design by Megan Trueblood.

That’s a wrap. We loved getting to see how creative people got with their art. Now spread the word: let’s unseat Mike Lee, people!


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